2023-08-10 Product Council Agenda


  • Note taker: Charlotte Whitt, Martina Schildt, Jennifer Eustis (8/10/23), Owen Stephens

Recording: https://recordings.openlibraryfoundation.org/folio/product-council/2023-08-10T09:30/

Discussion items

5 minAnnouncementsallNo announcements at this time.
30 minSIG convener updatesSIG conveners

 Details Outlined here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10ukCWjH2_F_uFnld2d05Aq_c2-3C0tUWjSGmQQtCCjQ/edit#heading=h.cpune1bjqi8p

User Management SIG:  It looks like they’ve met once since the last SIG update, and discussed concerns about keeping patron user information private from staff in some contexts, filtered browser search, and a desire for real-time updates to a result list when deleting User records.

Privacy SIG: This will restart shortly.

App Interaction SIG: Question: With this discussion of Save/Close, has there been discussion about activating the Escape key for a Cancel-equivalent keystroke? This discussion hasn't happened in MM SIG or App Interaction. What do you mean by cancel? This is part of the shortcut keys. If this has been implemented, escape will do this. This doesn't work in Agreements in Nolana. ESC just Closes modals or pop-ups, but not the edit view of a record AFAIK. In orders, escape closes the edit screen.

Acquisitions SIG: Question/Comment: Thanks Dung-Lan, yes after yesterday’s talk about the container record data model in Inventory, then I also wondered how these packages in Orders were interacting with Inventory? Getting the implementing libraries view on the need for container records and interest in interaction between apps that would be really useful to get.

30 minWOLFCon planningall

Updates: The final touches are being done. An announcement will go out Monday that will have know before you go for attendees and presenters. Short project updates will probably be part of the opening session for those project leads that opt in. This update will be for what's going on with FOLIO.

Time: Shoulder meeting on Friday: All council meeting will be in the morning and the tri-council meeting is in the afternoon. The time for the Tri-Council is set to meet from 1-5 pm. Meeting from 9-12 is an opportunity to talk to each other. 3 hours isn't long. The timing will be flexible.

Attendance (Virtual/In Person): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ikt-9gFkDgQfZQl2CZpXq--HQj2PdbyqDz8dGaJPG-Y/edit#gid=1976612516.

Especially planning for PC and tri-council meeting on Friday, 8/25. Has there been any discussion scheduled for the tri-council? Some ideas include a question on governance and how to support the SIGs.

Agenda: Draft agenda for PC shoulder meeting: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PWLtavtX31apRFliXuQYIG14-xaRX7CngdNlF2UxR-k/edit#heading=h.vhnbskensm1.

For the order, the topic on PC focus should be our top priority. This could help us adjust our meetings. The other topics could be follow up topics to this one. If we can with a couple of ideas on what we should be doing, we could start there and how feasible is it the PC to do these things. What is a blocker? Hhow does the PC help support SIGs? What if each member comes with an item and adds that to the agenda? This is a good idea if we start a document. Could we make a bookmark to the document in the slack channel? Yes - great idea.

What do we want to do? How do we prioritize the items? How do we move the item forward? It would be having concrete actions and individuals assigned would be good. We should incorporate goal and scope as this would helps us know if an action is something we can do in a specific amount of time. We should include desired outcomes for the meeting.

Alexis will create a spreadsheet. PC members are to add their item. This will allow people to vote. This is a chance for everyone to champion a topic.

What about doing a retrospective board? This could be a jam board. There is also easy retro (https://easyretro.io/).

Logistics: These will be sent out with the announcement. You can also reach out to Kristin or Tod for local questions. The shoulder meetings will not be at the forum. Tod is arranging to get day passes for everyone.

Do we meet next week? We will come to a meting for those available to work on the agenda. No Tuesday planning meeting.

5 minTopics for future meetingsall

Action items

  • Alexis will create a spreadsheet and link it to the agenda document.
  • Have a check in meeting for the agenda rather than a regular meeting.
  • Cancel Next Tuesday's planning meeting.
  • Bookmark agenda document in PC slack channel