2023-05-11 Product Council Meeting notes





Discussion items

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Need a new liaison to MM SIG starting on June 1

Charge for Workflow SIG from Martina Schildt 

New Quality Assurance Coordinator: Yogesh Kumar: ykumar@ebsco.com

TC is working on a statement about browser support; it might be ready for PC review for next week's meeting.

10 min

WOLFCon Updates

Outcome: share information about planning and how to submit ideas

Jesse is serving as the OLF WOLFCon Coordinator. WOLFcon is August 22-24 at the University of Chicago. Early-bird rate of $400 through June 15. After that, $450. The email you get from registration will have suggestions for hotels including discount codes for WOLFcon attendees.

New form for WOLFCon Submissions. FOLIO makes up many of the sessions...feel free to start using this form to announce the sessions you are planning. There will be Council meetings outside the WOLFcon dates. SIGs can have working group meetings; use the form for planning those.

FOLIO WOLFCon Coordination Group:

Deadline for initial submissions: June 5

From Tod: the earlier we find out about the meetings before and after the main WOLFcon dates, the easier it will be to find space for planning. PC is planning on having meetings before and after.

The planning committee is planning for between 200 and 250 attendees. (There were about 170 in-person and 200 virtual attendees in Germany for last year's conference.)

30 min


Desired Outcome: make a decision about the inclusion of new consortia functionality

Presentation slides

Dennis Bridges 

"Enhanced Consortia Support (ECS) Functional Overview for Product Council" for Poppy Release. Some of the modules are further enough along in development to be shown.

All of this work is covered in Jira using  UXPROD-4049 - Getting issue details... STATUS . Adds a new "consortia-settings" app with (mod-consortia and ui-consortia-settings). A Jira dashboard that collects the activity for this effort; see also the ECS Information Dashboard in the Consortial SIG space. The consortia tenant is like any other tenant except that it has these two additional modules. It keeps track of what other tenants are part of the consortium. The goal is to add capabilities to multi-tenant systems.

For Poppy, the bulk of the work is in login and affiliations (meaning users connecting to more than one tenant—as a staff user, I have permissions in one or more tenants). The user login is a single entry point, and the user's primary affiliation becomes their active affiliation on login. Users with more than one affiliation can switch their active affiliation...changing the context of their experience. The Users app has a new "Affiliations" accordion (which won't appear unless the consortia modules are installed). "User Permissions" also changes to show which permissions a user has for each affiliation.

Changing affiliations explained: when a user is affiliated with a tenant, a "shadow user" is created...a different kind of user that will give some control over what data is shown to an affiliate user. Descriptive data is copied, but there is local context data within a tenant. There is discussion happening in TC about this:  TCR-26 - Getting issue details... STATUS .

Local admin staff with the appropriate permissions are able to configure system settings for their libraries. Consortium settings appear in the Settings app ONLY for users with the appropriate permissions and only when a user is in the consortia tenant; this will list the member tenant names and codes. (At the moment, creating the relations between tenants is something that the hosting provider needs to do; the user interface for that will come later.) A Consortium Manager app will allow for configuration changes for multiple members at one time. In this app, the form compares values from the selected members; settings can then be applied to member tenants (with a confirmation dialog box).

For the future: policies and templates can be saved to one or more members or saved records are copied to members so that members can edit locally.

Does the existence of the Consortia Settings app mean that there are now new variations of the flower releases?

30 min

Release Management Stakeholder for the new Critical Service Patch

  • See: Critical Service Patch information
  • Consideration of representation on this group
  • Do we want to have a self-hosted institution on here?
  • Support SIG representative
Jesse Koennecke 

The Support SIG also has questions about representatives in the group (see Slack). (If there is someone from the Support SIG, the Support SIG members thought it should be from a library and not from a service provider.) Should there also be representation from self-hosted institutions? (Also noting that Holly's seat was not filled after she retired from the project.)

The group also discussed the level of testing of service patches before they are released (so they don't introduce new bugs).

The next meeting is on the 15th, but there isn't information posted in the wiki about this.

5 minAgenda items for the future
Data Import discussion coming on May 26?

Chat log

00:07:48	Christopher Spalding (EBSCO):	QA Engineer: Yogesh Kumar ykumar@ebsco.com
00:14:21	Charlotte Whitt:	Do we have an idea about how many people will attend - 100, 200, or ?
00:15:45	Charlotte Whitt:	nice
00:36:53	Peter Murray:	Question about switching affiliations: presumably there is also a calculation happening about module versions...whether a front-end module can access the back-end of a tenant.
00:38:02	Ian Walls:	Are the UUIDs the same?
00:40:02	Charlotte Whitt:	Has a change in the color scheme for the menu line been considered. So you quickly know what affiliation the given user is in at the given moment?
00:54:31	Peter Murray:	How do permissions work...do college/university tenants give a consortia the ability to make these kind of changes?
00:55:02	Owen Stephens:	I don’t think that specific question was addressed in TC
00:55:24	Tod Olson:	Correct, that question was out of scope.
00:55:39	Ingolf Kuss:	there are objections by the security Team because of the plan to break tenant Separation on the Okapi token Level. They suggest an alternative solution by using saml or openid techniques, instead. I.e use mod-login-saml instead of mod-login . https://issues.folio.org/browse/TCR-26
00:56:00	Charlotte Whitt:	Will there be some performance issues to address, if every record need to be checked whether it is flagged as part of the consortium, or not part of the shared collection/shared workspace
01:04:30	Tod Olson:	It might be similar to the modules to support remote storage systems: if you don't have that setup, you would probably want to exclude them from the deployment. It's functionality the FOLIO needs to compete in the marketplace, but not everyone will need it.
01:05:33	Alexis Manheim:	That makes sense, Owen. Thanks.
01:05:57	Owen Stephens:	I think it challenges what the “Flower release” is
01:06:34	Owen Stephens:	Probably in a healthy way - but I do think there are some questions to consider here
01:07:54	Owen Stephens:	I’d understood that the module was approved by TC
01:08:41	Tod Olson:	Correct, TC approved. The Security Team had some concerns, but they were outside of the TC review.
01:09:39	Owen Stephens:	Exactly Kristin
01:09:49	Peter Murray:	We already have variations of apps in a tenant, right? E.g., the "ERM-only" installations.
01:10:45	Owen Stephens:	I’m not 100% sure Peter but I think they actually are full Folio flower release installs but with users only having perms for relevant apps
01:11:23	Charlotte Whitt:	That’s my understanding too Owen
01:12:21	Gang Zhou | SHL:	Reacted to "It might be similar ..." with 👍
01:14:06	Mark Veksler:	bugfest is a multi-tenant environment
01:14:20	Mark Veksler:	multi-tenant functionality is part of bugfest testing
01:16:48	Tod Olson:	Replying to "multi-tenant functio..."

Thank you for mentioning!
01:19:21	Peter Murray:	Very interesting work, Dennis...thanks for bringing to PC!
01:20:01	Owen Stephens:	Reacted to "Very interesting wor..." with 💯
01:20:07	Alexis Manheim:	https://wiki.folio.org/display/REL/Critical+Service+Patch+Process
01:20:16	Dennis Bridges:	Reacted to "Very interesting wor..." with ❤️
01:20:20	Tod Olson:	Reacted to "Very interesting wor..." with 💯
01:21:17	Owen Stephens:	FYI Membership of this panel has also been raised in the Support SIG Slack channel
01:21:32	Owen Stephens:	https://folio-project.slack.com/archives/CUKTMAME0/p1683536916870839
01:21:56	Charlotte Whitt:	Reacted to "https://folio-projec..." with 🌸
01:22:14	Sharon Wiles-Young:	Reacted to "Very interesting wor..." with ❤️
01:23:02	Peter Murray:	Reacted to "https://folio-projec..." with 👍
01:26:13	Owen Stephens:	I think having a representative from the Support SIG in RMS group is a good idea. I think this would bring an implementing institution perspective to the group
01:26:36	Charlotte Whitt:	Yes, I think so too
01:27:47	Owen Stephens:	The key aspect for me here is that the new process says it can only include “P1 bugs and P2 bugs without reasonable workarounds” - and it’s the latter which is likely to be the most easy to challenge - what constitutes a reasonable workaround is subjective and needs user input
01:27:58	Jana Freytag:	I need to run to another meeting 👋
01:28:18	Martina Schildt | VZG:	Reacted to "I need to run to ano..." with 👋
01:28:30	Aaron Trehub (Auburn):	Have to rotate off...
01:28:31	Martina Schildt | VZG:	Reacted to "The key aspect for m..." with 💯
01:29:04	Kirstin Kemner-Heek:	It might be interesting to have one Person from the network Service provders as well. They are providing service a lot of libraries. Just as a thought.
01:30:03	Martina Schildt | VZG:	Reacted to "It might be interest..." with 👍
01:30:53	Kirstin Kemner-Heek:	Sorry for the typos. I need to run .. :-)
01:31:08	Tod Olson:	I need to drop off, thank you all!
01:31:53	Charlotte Whitt:	I need to drop of too, bye