2023-06-15 Product Council Minutes



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Discussion items

5 minAnnouncementsall

There will be no meeting next week, 6/22

If anyone from the PC will be at ALA and wants to get together, contact Kristin Martin

MM SIG will talk about data import follow up today

Need to elect new chairs, co-chairs, Secretary and note taker(s)

20 minBrowser support statement

Previous call for official support beyond Chrome to Firefox, Edge, and Safari
Zak Burke did most of the work to craft the statement
TC concern -- what does support mean, would there be a large testing commitment?
Statement focuses on standards compliant browsers, Chrome is the reference.
Addresses issues in non-Chrome browsers that are compliant and the desire to have support for at least one open source browser, but acknowledges that we can't test every change with every browser

Agreed all around that this is an elegant statement, no objections expressed

Owen pointed out that we need to be consistent and create guidance along with this and follow through if needed, normalize expectations; Tod suggested getting statement approved and then using guidance Owen already wrote as a starting point, have a version of that be a section on the same wiki page

No objections, statement approved

10 minWOLFCon updatesJesse Koennecke 

Website with preliminary agenda is up, but haven't notified presenters yet
Subject to change, 64 total sessions, still a few more days left to submit sessions
Room to do some other types of sessions, like lightening rounds, demos, etc.

FOLIO planning group meets later today
Let Jesse know if any sessions should not be concurrent
Will put agenda up in Sched next week and can take feedback then as well

20 minAgenda planning for in-person meeting at WOLFcon

Ideas can go here.

Decided to have PC meeting Fri after WOLFCon, nothing official planned for Monday before

Other topics, follow up with SIG review, etc?

Wicked problems:

Kristin will look through meeting notes to find other possible topics, year in review
Others PC members should add ideas to the spreadsheet as well

20 min

Introductory slides

Workflow SIG charge 

Martina Schildt 

Call for Workflow SIG, but already dev going on at TAMU (mod-workflow, mod-camunda)
Integrates external tool Camunda with FOLIO
Extend these apps for flexible integration of other tools and create a user friendly interface
April PC meeting, proposed forming new SIG
Martina and Jeremy Huff created a charge and new SIG
Jeremy will be the PO, need new members and convener
PC approves charge?
Proposing a session at WOLFCon
Can any of us identify someone who has an interest and could convene? Ask around at SIGs, etc.
Ian Walls volunteers

5 minFuture topicsall

Charlotte proposed talking about lessons learned from Duke shifting to Alma.
Brainstorming. While Karen and others from Duke are still around.
Kristin asked Karen to bring back to the Duke team to ask about this idea.
Talk more privately? Or at the PC? What could have gone better and resulted in a different decision.
Karen will do that and let us know in the next few days.

Owen Stephens 6:35 AM

My heart and thanks go out to those staff from Duke who have put so much effort into Folio and been so great to work with

Jesse Koennecke (he/him)  to  Everyone 6:36 AM

Thank you, Karen.

Martina Schildt | VZG  to  Everyone 6:37 AM

100 % agree - we will miss you ❤️

You  to  Everyone 6:37 AM

We will really miss you, Karen, and all the Duke folks!

Charlotte Whitt  to  Everyone 6:38 AM

Bib hugs to all you smart people from Duke ❤️

Karen Newbery  to  Everyone 6:38 AM

Thank you all

Charlotte Whitt  to  Everyone 6:48 AM

+1 Kristin

Karen Newbery  to  Everyone 6:50 AM

+1 Owen

Owen Stephens  to  Everyone 6:52 AM

Absolutely agree with all that Zak is saying

Jesse Koennecke (he/him)  to  Everyone 6:54 AM


Owen Stephens  to  Everyone 7:01 AM

Sounds like a great idea

Kirstin Kemner-Heek  to  Everyone 7:03 AM

The Mansueto Library with the robots is great!

Tod Olson  to  Everyone 7:03 AM

Must drop off, thank you everyone!

Kristin Martin  to  Everyone 7:05 AM


Charlotte Whitt  to  Everyone 7:06 AM

Yes, good idea Kristin, to do that follow up on SIG reviews

Karen Newbery  to  Everyone 7:08 AM

lol, cats

Jesse Koennecke (he/him)  to  Everyone 7:08 AM

I need to drop off early.  Thanks everyone.

Owen Stephens  to  Everyone 7:08 AM


That’s the post from Jen

Sorry - Jenn

You  to  Everyone 7:09 AM


Ian Walls  to  Everyone 7:20 AM

I volunteer

Jana Freytag  to  Everyone 7:22 AM

I'll ask in RA SIG later too.

Charlotte Whitt  to  Everyone 7:22 AM

And I’ll give the MM-SIG a pep talk also later today

Jana Freytag  to  Everyone 7:27 AM

I need to jump off. 👋

Martina Schildt | VZG 7:27 AM

afk for a sec