2023-06-29 Product Council Meeting notes





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5 minAnnouncementsAll

University of Colorado Boulder went live last week with hosting by index Data.

Douglas University, Barry University, and Biola University went live on full FOLIO early last week with hosting by EBSCO.

20 minReport from FOLIO Summit, Pt 2


A meeting outside the normal process to address tensions in the project using the work on Data Import as a template for discussion. The was work on the "FOLIO Story" now that the project has been around for a number of years; there was a story at the start, and now it has evolved as the project has evolved. Also discussed the community prioritization process. The roadmap is looking to improve the process for getting out information on what is being developed by the various teams; the goal is to surface what is being worked on and what functionality is not being worked on. As the project has grown, the need to be more clear and transparent across the project has become a key point. The TC is going to take on the process for enabling the ability for the platform to be updated at the app level. It has been challenging in the project to bring in the contributions of organizations that have a single developer to contribute to the project.

If you have further ideas, the best place to contact is the FOLIO Prioritization Process Working Group.

15 minDeveloper Advocate proposal

CC interested in moving forward with the Developer Advocate role, and has asked that TC and PC refine the proposal, esp. the scope of work, management support structure, and preferences for scenarios.

Can there be a paragraph that describes how this position would interact with the current teams? To include code review when necessary? (There are occasions when a code contribution needing review comes from a team other than the primary developers of the module.)

CC is seeking input before its July 10th and July 24th meetings. They are looking for comments on the scope of the position, which will tie into the expense to the project.

30minElections and PC rolesAll

Co-Chairs: No one reached out looking to be co-chair...it's not too late!
Secretary/Minute-taking responsibilities: Charlotte Whitt, Owen Stephens, Martina Schildt, and Jennifer Eustis volunteered to be part of a rotation for taking minutes.

Liaison to TC (for the Wednesday TC meeting; Tod is the liaison from TC to PC) -

Liaison to CC - Jesse has volunteered already

SIG updates and Liaisons - look at the "last updated" column. If you are interested, put your name in and update the date. (Also update any information — changes in SIG conveners, etc — as necessary.) PC members should do this before the meeting in 2 weeks.

5 minWOLFCon updateJesse Koennecke 

WOLFcon has about 72 time slots total across the three days. 94 sessions were proposed (some were proposed as lightning talks or session topics that can be combined). Communication will be going out over the next couple of days to merge sessions to get everything in. The draft schedule should be going out in the next two weeks...first to presenters to review for conflicts, and then into Sched. It is about 80% FOLIO with a good chunk of VuFind sessions plus GOKb and ReShare and some general open source questions.

As of last Thursday, 100 onsite registrations (about half of what is budgeted for covering costs and in line with last year at this time).

5 minPC Meetings in July

Next week is July 4th holiday in US; next week's meeting on the 6th is canceled.

Other outages: canceling July 20th

Could use another member on the prioritization and roadmap group; Charlotte volunteers.

5 minFuture topicsAllPlanning for what PC needs to cover at WOLFcon

Chat log

00:02:56	Peter Murray:	We're inside today...poor air quality outside.  The cats are _not_ happy.
00:03:10	Jana Freytag:	Reacted to "We're inside today....." with 🐈
00:05:49	Index Data:	Press release: https://www.indexdata.com/cu-boulder-folio/
00:06:01	Index Data:	Reacted to "We're inside today....." with 🐈
00:07:02	Kristin Martin (UChicago she/her):	https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ok5EhO2ITMec6ZJJ69qKepczAR2Ebz5BJmQZj4t9mTo/edit
00:09:39	Anya :	Douglas University, Barry University, and Biola University went live on full early last week
00:10:42	Jana Freytag:	Reacted to "Douglas University, ..." with 🥳
00:11:18	Martina Schildt | VZG:	Reacted to "Douglas University, ..." with 🥳
00:11:42	Martina Schildt | VZG:	Reacted to "Press release: https..." with 🥳
00:11:49	Tod Olson:	Reacted to "Douglas University, ..." with 🥳
00:12:46	Anya :	Reacted to "Press release: https…" with 🥳
00:14:23	Index Data:	Reacted to "Douglas University, ..." with 🥳
00:16:52	Tod Olson:	Maybe just put the content of the document into the meeting notes?
00:17:25	Kirstin Kemner-Heek:	BRB
00:18:09	Gang Zhou | SHL:	Reacted to "Douglas University, ..." with 🥳
00:18:26	Mike Gorrell:	That concept is represented in Kristin’s doc under #5
00:22:02	Kirstin Kemner-Heek:	b
00:24:58	Ian Walls:	surfacing what IS being worked on is good, to avoid duplicative effort.  But it seems unlikely to me that there are important things NOT being worked on that resourced institutions are a) unaware of and b) have spare capacity for
00:25:11	Index Data:	+ 1 Kristin
00:26:19	Jana Freytag:	Reacted to "Press release: https..." with 🥳
00:26:33	Marc Johnson:	Reacted to "surfacing what IS be…" with 👍
00:32:52	Anya :	Reacted to "surfacing what IS be…" with 👍
00:33:33	Kristin Martin (UChicago she/her):	BRB
00:36:48	Kristin Martin (UChicago she/her):	oops. The inspector was trying to get a time.
00:38:28	Marc Johnson:	In the past, we’ve allowed anyone to work on any module. And code owning teams WERE NOT expected to do reviews (rather it was advocated against)
00:43:30	Index Data:	Is the position to be posted in the Jobs channel, or are we planning to head hunt a developer already working on the FOLIO project?
00:43:55	Alexis Manheim:	scope of work, management support structure, and preferences for scenarios
00:45:36	Maccabee Levine:	Yes -- didn't want to tie CC's hands, or limit the number of interested institutions.  But we can certainly narrow the recommended options.
00:50:24	Maccabee Levine:	TC is also identifying members to revise.  Craig, Jeremy, myself at least.  Some comments coming from others
00:53:28	Brooks Travis:	I need to step away in about 9 minutes, just FYI
00:56:36	Tod Olson:	@Peter: thank you for taking minutes!
00:56:44	Martina Schildt | VZG:	Reacted to "@Peter: thank you fo..." with 💯
00:56:47	Martina Schildt | VZG:	Reacted to "@Peter: thank you fo..." with 🙏
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00:56:52	Charlotte Whitt:	Reacted to "@Peter: thank you fo..." with 🙏
00:56:59	Ingolf Kuss:	Reacted to "@Peter: thank you fo..." with 🙏
00:57:23	Owen Stephens:	I would also be happy to be part of a rotation minute taking
00:57:31	Martina Schildt | VZG:	So do I
00:57:35	Jennifer Eustis:	I can also be part of the secretary crew
00:58:10	Marc Johnson:	Folks can do it from recordings if that takes the pressure off a bit
00:58:31	Maccabee Levine:	Reacted to "Folks can do it from..." with 👍🏻
01:00:22	Maccabee Levine:	Yes 11am ET
01:00:43	Maccabee Levine:	We are not scary!
01:00:51	Owen Stephens:	I regularly attend but the TC clashes with the PO meeting every other week
01:00:56	Brooks Travis:	Apologies to step away during this portion of the meeting, but have a great rest of your week, and happy 4th of July to the U.S. folks. I won’t be here next week, so see you in a couple weeks.
01:00:58	Owen Stephens:	So I can’t be there every week
01:01:19	Owen Stephens:	But if there are no other volunteers I can do this every other week
01:02:00	Ingolf Kuss:	Reacted to "Apologies to step aw..." with 👋
01:08:29	Tod Olson:	Plus Marc Johnson is often here and has been acting as backup TC liason.
01:10:55	Marc Johnson:	Reacted to "Plus Marc Johnson is…" with 👍
01:20:32	Owen Stephens:	I can’t make the whole meeting next week
01:20:38	Owen Stephens:	I’m in favour of cancelling
01:20:40	Jennifer Eustis:	Perhaps we should cancel next week
01:21:47	Martina Schildt | VZG:	Would work for me
01:26:04	Jana Freytag:	I need to drop of. Have a good rest of the week 👋