2023-04-13 Tri-Council Meeting

9:30-11am ET, April 13, 2023

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Quick update from Councils

Technical Council Update:


Looking ahead:

  • Defining a process for maintaining the Officially Supported Technologies pages.
  • The subgroup focused on making improvements to the TCR process is wrapping up.  A presentation outlining the changes will soon be ready.
  • Holding off on forming some subgroups until after elections
  • RFCs in progress:
  • Tenant Collection Kafka Topics - Public Review
  • Breaking Changes - Draft Review, possibly moving to Public review next week.

Community Council Update:

  • Elections
  • Finances
    • Established a reserve, significant increase in AWS costs - being worked... no longer able to fund Developer in FY24
  • WOLFcon
    • Dates set - August 22-24 at the University of Chicago. Need FOLIO Planning leadership
  • Membership
    • Drive to kick off later this month
  • FOLIO Marketing - COM Working Group
    • Being (re)established - replaces Outreach SIG

Product Council Update:

  • New Onboarding Task Force (cross-council) created presentation and piloted with colleagues at Stanford, both those familiar with the project and those that are new to it
    • Good feedback to focus presentation and help new community members understand how to get involved beyond the SIGs
  • Prioritization and Roadmap Working Group reviewed the existing roadmap
    • Liked the connection to Jira and ability to track work done
    • Feel like community priorities are not necessarily well-represented and this will be a big focus for group
    • Performing further investigations on tool to support prioritization work, given growth of the community
    • Want roadmap to reflect desired state as well as represent work completed
  • Documentation Working Group continues activities – Marcia Borensztajn returns for short contract to transition responsibilities to Paul Kloppenberg
  • Conversations on ways to support existing Product Owners through assistants (e.g., Feature Owners, story writers)—conversations are still ongoing
  • Some upcoming work
    • Prepare formal quote for prioritization tool
    • Review work in several areas: workflow tools/development, reporting options, and number sequence generators
    • More on recruit and supporting Product Owners
Adopting definitions for FOLIO TerminologyMike Gorrell 

Discussion and approval

  • General support, except around the term "PLATFORM"
  • Some distress over the fact that there are many valid and important uses of the work Platform (e.g. Platform Minimal or Okapi-Stripes Platform) and the removal of the reference/acknowledgement of these terms, in some people's eyes weakened the document enough that it should be resolved or at least referenced.
  • CONCLUSION: After all the discussion we ended with agreement that the team working on the terminology document would take this feedback, adjust the doc to include the reference, and have it approved by all three councils.

Evaluation Process for New FOLIO Features


Kristin Martin 

Discussion and approval

  • Support for the document and process and desire to "test it out".
  • Discussion around existing modules/apps and the value of some sort of review of those (likely a Technical Debt discussion)
  • Thanks to Kristin Martin and team for pushing this along