2022-09-12 Resource Access Meeting Notes



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Erin Weller 


Thomas Trutt 

Andy Horbal 

Mark Canney 

Tobi Hines

Laurence Mini 

Andrea Loigman 

Brooks Travis 

Eileen Cravedi

Kimie Kester 

Molly Driscoll 

Amelia Sutton 

Cornelia Awenius 

Discussion Items:



Cornelia Awenius 

30 min

Wolfcon recap

Update on settings

How to assist with PO work

Meeting Notes

amazing event and we are very thankful to the organizers!
technology worked really well, no connection or sound problems, hybrid format should be standard for the future, though time zone will always be an issue for virtual attendance
recordings make it easier to not miss out on something, links to recordings are collected here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1deqICFxlOvMHDftxPRifDMfPdgYMYgY3CLJlOnt_WVo/edit#, will be on Youtube later
some sessions were given too little time, Show&Tell would be better spread throughout the day
RA SIG meeting on Friday was cancelled - no urgent topics, if someone wants to talk about the future of patron communication, reach out to Jana or Julie

The circulation setting "Loan history" as been updated to "Loan anonymization" for Nolana, but the permission names have not been updated, and still refer to "Loan history"
since it's complicated to change permission names, is it sufficient to communicate this or should they be updated?
more columns (due date, pickup service point and item call  number) will be added to the request table, there is a survey out about column order and priority: https://forms.gle/7qoabSz8AEMhD7V48

PO assistance:
as there is a lack of POs for RA, Andrea asks is there something we could do to try to move things forward
Julie: there is also a huge backlog because there is also a lack of developers and features turned out to be more complicated
Julie hosted a Wolfcon session on recruiting new POs and there is the idea of PO assistance, like helping with documentation and testing or consider everything necessary for stories
(recording: https://recordings.openlibraryfoundation.org/olf/wcon-2022-medium-4-wednesday/2022-08-31T09:05/)
there is a list of needs here: Product Owners
writing stories is the hardest and also means of communicatin with the dev teams
unlike in the other SIGs, there isn't a lead PO for RA - that has to be a full time job, we feel like we are losing advocacy for RA issues
Thomas: could the SIG take over ownership for a feature?
suggestion: we form a subgroup acting as a partial PO collective, choose a feature as an example and Julie is going to lead us through the PO work process
possible features: 3-part item state (too complex for a start), notices for actual cost (Julie needs this to get ready and can adapt it to other notice features), or something that doesn't have a PO right now?, new notice schedule for recalled items
next Monday Julie can talk us through a feature's life cycle and we call for volunteers