2022-09-29 Resource Access Meeting Notes



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Brooks Travis 

Andy Horbal 

lisa perchermeier 

Elizabeth Chenette 

Dwayne Swigert

Cornelia Awenius 

Tobi Hines

Laurence Mini 

Andrea Loigman 

Rebecca Pernell 

Thomas Trutt 

David Bottorff 

Shirley Moentnish 

Robert Scheier 

Jana Freytag 

Discussion Items:



-PO Assistance group

We will dedicate the alternating Thursday to this group.

PO Assistance group

Collecting Ideas / brainstorming

Meeting Notes

  • Start the process on how to assist POs with an example
  • what would we as SMES need to bring to this process?
  • How do we communicate this best to the POs?
  • Which steps can a subgroup take over?
    • document the steps in writing
  • Start with the recall feature
  • UXPROD-2112 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • How to write up a UI-Story:


    User story statement(s):

    As a < type of user >,

    I want < some goal >

    so that < some reason >



    Given <preconditions>

    When <actions>

    Then <results>


    Given <preconditions>

    When <actions>

    Then <results>

  • Approach:
    • Choose Features to work through in more detail and document them in the form mentioned above
    • Group size should be limited to 5 - 6 people
    • If enough interest, have 2+ groups working on different features?
    • Cornelia: For first round, have a bigger group so people can learn from Julie what's involved, decide if it's something they would be interested in
    • Small groups will report back to the bigger group so that all institutions get a say in the features - like it works with the subgroups
  • Beth in Chat: How will the features be chosen to work on?

    • the PO could/should choose the features most urgent or Features with no PO or Dev
    • Tom in Chat: i think we can also identify jiras that we (individuals or the SIG) would like to see movement on.

    • Next steps:
      • Start the process with the features that have POs
      • make a list of Features we can pick from
      • creating Jira link lists in Confluence sorted by topics (requests, fee/fines, loans,....)
      • Discuss how we can help with bug fest testing!