2022-10-31 Resource Access Meeting Notes


Holly Mistlebauer 

Elizabeth Chenette 

David Bottorff 

Amber Miles 

Andy Horbal 

Mark Canney 

Andrea Loigman 

Dwayne Swigert 

Erin Nettifee 

Laszlo Jakusovszky 

Christine Tobias 

Cheryl Malmborg 

Cornelia Awenius 

Laurence Mini 

Robert Scheier 


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Discussion Items:



Notetaker: Cornelia Awenius 

55MinActual Cost UpdateHolly Mistlebauer See slide deck for more info.

Meeting Notes

there is a change in behavior when you don't want to bill someone: instead of entering 0.00 as originally planned, there is an option "do not bill"
makes no sense to have a fee of 0.00, but a way needed to make sure something was handled already
what happens to the loan when it is not billed? when there is no processing fee, the item becomes lost and paid and the loan is closed

in a later release, there will be an option to see already billed/not billed items in the "lost items requiring actual costs" table
Cherly: it's necessary to be able to track these transactions
Erin: "do not bill" would need its own permission, Holly: that's not planned yet
Erin: can we see "do not bill" transactions on the circ log? Holly: not planned yet

actual cost will be a separate fee/fine type

Amber: could you still do research if the loans/fees/fines anonymize? Erin: fees/fines don't anonymize, Holly: all the information is still on fee/fine record

the actual cost list will be visible in Nolana, but the billing actions won't work until Orchid
if a library uses the list for billing manual fees, they will need to mark them as "do not bill" later in Orchid - better to wait

from last week: there should be an option to send a note when not billing

all requirements were added to the slide deck