2022-11-10 Resource Access Meeting Notes



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Discussion Items:



PO Assistance group

We will dedicate the alternating Thursday to this group.

PO Assistance group

Collecting Ideas / brainstorming

Meeting Notes

Reminders/ comments from previous sessions:

  • Purpose is: If there aren't enough POs, then how could the SIG/ individuals help? Julie also phrases it as: I have limited time; could other people take on some tasks, so that I can concentrate on "hard-core" PO activities?
  • I believe being a PO is about the ownership, i.e. I am determined to see this through.
  • Is the SIG just about gathering requirements? Or is it's interest also that their area (i.e. RA and circ) continue working and are maintained over time?

Today, Erin used UIU-1443 (Direct access to Check out from User app) as an example, to show how even newbies can jump in and start writing user stories and scenarios.

  • User stories is definitively an area where the SIG could help. Ideally, someone would take ownership of a feature, from start to end; of course the "offical" PO can help you along the way!
  • This is an iterative, and not a fast, process. This is normal!
  • Everyboday is welcome to review add comments to the Jira tickets, to explain how this feature/story would be used at their institution!
  • What's the difference between a user story and a scenario?
  • How to identify what to work on? Ask the POs - there are a number of small stories in loans that can be taken on. Alternatively: What is your biggest pain point now?
  • If we take something on, who do we send the work to? Liaise with the PO here to agree exactly on how to organise this.