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FOLIO follows a regular release cycle, currently with three releases each year. Each release has a human-readable, flower-inspired name (Aster, Bellis, ...) and a designator for the release within the year (2023 R1, 2023 R2, etc).

Each release is coordinated via the #releases channel on FOLIO Slack – this includes communication about upcoming release deadlines (milestones) and tracking progress on releases of individual FOLIO modules/libraries (via a shared Google Sheet, see individual release pages for links). The #releases channel also receives notifications about new releases of individual components (FOLIO modules and libraries) from their maintainers, both related to the upcoming FOLIO quaterly release and releases made out-of-band (e.g bugfix releases). As a maintainer, you can use this channel to ask for help when troubleshooting release-related issues (e.g dependency problems).

For individual components, FOLIO follows fairly standard release procedures published on

Critical Service Patch Release Process

Calendar subscription with release and sprint dates: (based on wiki/Releases calendar)

Release milestones (calendar) and version information (modules, libraries) for individual releases:

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