2022-02-17 Product Council Meeting notes



Discussion items

5 minAnnouncements

10 min

WOLFCon Updates: hotels/logistics

Purpose: informational

Mike Gorrell Slides from last week's community update meeting.  Hamburg, Germany for 31-Aug to 2-Sep (before the fall semester starts for the host institution); guests are expected to arrive on 30-Aug.  Attempting to have the schedule set by early May for the FOLIO portion of the meeting so this is ready for people to decide whether to register.  Lodging information is available at https://openlibraryfoundation.org/about/wolfcon/upcoming/ — recommended to book early and cancel if you cannot attend.  Logo is coming soon from the marketing team at TAMU.
 10 min

Data Migration: would like to move to being a full SIG rather than being underneath the SysOps SIG.

Purpose: determine whether to endorse new data migration SIG (postponed until Feb. 24)

 Darsi Rueda — postponed —
30 min

SIG Meetings and the Global community

  • New recording storage
  • Methods to deal with global time zones
  • Recruiting developers/POs/SMEs - moving to a new global meeting framework

Purpose: informational and brainstorming

It has become increasingly problematic to hold synchronous meetings because of growing global interest, and asynchronous decision-making hasn't been helpful.  Reporting is going to try to adjust its meeting times.  Is this an area where PC might try to lead by example?  A solution for the Reporting SIG might not work for others (just because of the quirky nature of that SIG's work).  Right now the two co-chairs of PC are a timezone apart; that could be more spread out to cover a greater range of timezones.  Do we need geographic-specific communities (akin to the language-specific communities that evolving now).  Allow for a periodic (once a quarter) meeting of Product Council that is convenient for non-Eastern-U.S. times while also encouraging the geographic communities?  Another idea: have the SIG conveners or someone else makes summaries for the other time zones?  A spread of times makes events like WOLFcon even more important for people to gather at the same time.  It could be wise to ask which meetings are of high interest for a test of some of these ideas.  Important to think about this as a wider issue than just accessibility to Product Council meetings.  Product Owners and SIG Conveners are key people in SIG meetings, and the burden of meeting scheduling and multiple meetings falls hardest on them.  Can we expand the pool of potential Product Owners by distributing our meetings across more times.  When Filip was using discuss.folio.org for the exploration of the FOLIO user experience, he would post videos and ask for comments with that asynchronous tool.  It is very easy to lose things in Slack.  Resistance to Discuss may come from how we have become comfortable using Slack and synchronous meetings.  The question may not be whether Discuss is the right tool but rather a commitment to long-form discussion.  Do we have an inventory of needs?

Are there volunteers to look at this in conjunction with Community Council?  Sharon volunteers to help, as well as Anya.  Peter volunteers from a community infrastructure perspective, and Mike Gorrell as liaison to Community Council.

30 minDocumentation updates (delayed to Feb. 24)
— postponed —
5 minFuture agenda topics
Onboarding information for developers, Product Owners.  Getting a list of responsibilities is a start.

Chat Logs

00:03:56	Kristin Martin:	https://wiki.folio.org/display/PC/2022-02-17+Product+Council+Meeting+notes
00:11:14	Jana Freytag:	https://openlibraryfoundation.org/about/wolfcon/upcoming/
00:14:11	Owen Stephens:	I had no idea this was done manually! Thank you Ann!
00:25:20	Peter Murray:	recordings.openlibraryfoundation.org
00:27:13	Gang Zhou:	Wonderful. I can access it!
00:27:29	Jana Freytag:	Thank you Peter, this is great for us conveners!
00:27:30	Peter Murray:	👏
00:27:35	Tiewei Liu:	👍
00:28:10	Anya:	Time is always hard
00:28:36	Brooks Travis:	For me, I wonder if doing the alternating times will just end up with two groups, anyway
00:28:42	Tod Olson:	The Reporting SIG currently doesn't have completely global participation, but "only" covers about 10 timezones.
00:29:56	Anya:	Somehow the groups need to have some cross over - or connection
00:30:25	Maura Byrne:	+1 Tod
00:32:30	Brooks Travis:	And some SIGs have several POs
00:32:54	Brooks Travis:	(Looking at you, RA) 🙂
00:33:11	Jana Freytag:	😌
00:34:30	Anya:	This meeting is 1:30 am for Sydney
00:41:56	Tod Olson:	Following up on Martina's comments about a conversation happening over two meetings, maybe there's a renewed role for discuss.folio.org.
00:43:33	Jana Freytag:	We would need more conveners and POs, but would at the same time have more people who can take on a role
00:44:03	Anya:	I think it is “a build it and they will come” issue
00:49:08	Anya:	+100 Owen
00:53:10	Maura Byrne:	It’s not just you, Kristin.
00:53:55	Anya:	I have team members that are in Sweden and in Sydney - -Sweden and Sydney staff meet together  early in the Sweden’s day late in Sydney’s day and we have a team meeting that is early and late for both - 3pm est, 9pm in Sweden, 7am Sydney
00:55:35	Brooks Travis:	Discussion forum tools are also just generally terrible
00:55:45	Maura Byrne:	+1 Tod
00:57:07	Maura Byrne:	Should this discussion be in a Discuss post?
00:57:14	Jana Freytag:	Have to leave now, Thank you.
00:57:37	Brooks Travis:	😒
00:57:59	Brooks Travis:	yep
00:58:50	Owen Stephens:	I generally would agree with Sharon that we need to establish need for the things we do - but I do think in this case we have to start by being as inclusive as possible because we can’t establish a need from a sub-section of a community that isn’t in a position to participate
00:59:16	Brooks Travis:	And I thought CC was already considering this
00:59:29	Brooks Travis:	I just haven’t heard anything recently
00:59:45	Tod Olson:	There have been some attempts to use Confluence for longer-term discussion.
01:08:45	Owen Stephens:	Thanks all