2022-12-01 Product Council Meeting notes



Regrets: Sharon Wiles-Young

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Reminder: No PC meetings December 22 or December 29

BugFest Update

Nolana Bugfest report (presentation)
As compared to Morning Glory, there was a higher pass rate for Nolana at the end of the bugfest testing. Over time, there is an increasing number of test cases (2245 versus 2097 for Morning Glory; the number of deferred tests is also dramatically down).  4 blockers were identified, 15 retests, and 21 deferred. The last defects are being fixed now. The community took up 53% of the test cases, 5% by "FOLIO staff", and 42% by EPAM.  (These numbers are the manual test cases only.) 91 community members participated in Morning Glory bugfest and 108 in Nolana. Defects are down by 57% (114 MG vs 48 in Nolana). Fixed issues down 24% (374 MG versus 283 Nolana; not a final view).

Are there concerns about the release date for Nolana? There is work still happening on the hotfix for Morning Glory, so that is a risk for the Nolana release. Fortunately, it looks like there are not overlap of teams making fixes.

The EPAM teams are making time to show how to make test cases, especially those related to regression testing.

10 min

Update from: Evaluation Process for New FOLIO Modules

 Kristin Martin 

Presentations and conversation with both TC and CC. Fuller discussion and approval on December 8.

Good feedback from TC and CC. Final input is requested by next Wednesday so approval can happen in PC at the next meeting.

5 minRoadmap group updates? Prioritization and Roadmap Working GroupWorking group is on the wiki (FOLIO Prioritization and Roadmap Working Group) now instead of a Google doc. Looking for 1-2 other PC members to join, especially folks with good connections to TC and CC. It is always a challenge to be the "customer" and "manager" for the roadmap process, but the group is trying to close the gap between reality and expectations. There is a need to flesh out the requirements and estimates for some of the items needing work; we know there is a reluctance to put in this work when no dev team exists, but no dev team will ever work on the functionality if the requirements and estimates are not there.
10 minCross-Council meeting/Onboarding meeting updates

The chairs of the councils met for the first time this week to discuss the process of gathering. The PC timeslot was offered as the best available time, and their January 12th meeting will be follow-ups to the WOLFcon discussions.

The onboarding group met on Tuesday. There are two new members of the group (Petra Schneider and Kat Berry). They are working on a presentation and framework for onboarding institutions. The larger group split up into smaller groups to make progress on individual pieces for the onboarding presentation. The group is also working on gathering the funding for the documentation specialist.

5 minUpcoming topics

SIG convener update next week; also anticipate a review of the new module evaluation process.

January 5: Presentation from KnowledgeWare

January 12: PC time will be used for a Cross-Council meeting

Chat log

00:06:48	Harry:	Be back in a few minutes
00:08:12	Owen Stephens:	Failure is higher though? - 4 times higher
00:10:47	Peter Murray:	Oleksii or Oleksandr: could you post the link to the presentation here in chat, please?
00:10:55	Owen Stephens:	Thanks for that clarification
00:11:40	Owen Stephens:	Does this include the automated test case?
00:12:14	Owen Stephens:	Thanks
00:13:07	Owen Stephens:	What’s the green highlighting?
00:13:29	Kirstin Kemner-Heek:	:-)
00:13:31	Owen Stephens:	OK thanks
00:14:04	Owen Stephens:	Does Darmstadt need to be added to German Unis?
00:14:13	Kirstin Kemner-Heek:	Yes
00:14:19	Oleksii Petrenko:	Okay
00:16:39	Tod Olson:	Those numbers all seem like good news.
00:18:14	Owen Stephens:	ERM we have issues in both
00:18:41	Owen Stephens:	I’m very concerned about these processes running in parallel + over thanksgiving
00:18:55	Owen Stephens:	It’s been, and continues to be, very stressful
00:20:52	Paul Kloppenborg:	we would be happy to get in touch
00:22:01	Paul Kloppenborg:	thanks!
00:24:42	Oleksii Petrenko:	https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1fQY1curhb3OS4DQGUATiBKfJeFDaH6KSmob8Lj9_vx4/edit?usp=sharing
00:26:32	Jesse Koennecke (he/him):	https://wiki.folio.org/display/PC/FOLIO+Prioritization+and+Roadmap+Working+Group
00:26:57	Karen Newbery:	stepping away for a minute
00:27:22	Oleksii Petrenko:	Need to drop off. Thank you!
00:29:08	Karen Newbery:	I'm back
00:40:33	amanheim:	New members of the Onboarding Group are Petra Schneider and Kat Berry.
00:42:56	Peter Murray:	SIG convener update template: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1268qg6EoxMwgqnmQkgeUycZkZJQs-No4rJr5xizvamw/edit#