2022-10-27 Product Council Meeting notes





Discussion items

5 min


  • Reminder: US remains on Daylight Savings Time through November 5, so next week timings of meetings will change
  • Martina Tumulla to take on role as PC Liaison to Documentation Working Group

30 minutes

Serials Management development work

Duke and GBV are partnering to support serials management development. Libraries are not in a post-print world; in fact, there are parts of the world where print publishing is still the primary method of distribution.

In the early development of the FOLIO apps, the management of print serials was not prioritized. For some libraries, the management of print serials is a critical workflow: ordering, receiving/check-in, claiming, binding (or withdrawal). These are important as FOLIO is the system-of-record for the receipt of print serials.

The main focus at the moment is on predictive patterns and claiming. From a FOLIO perspective, we might consider anything that has an order type of "ongoing" to be a serial publication.

The initial effort for development is on subscription-based serials (where predictable patterns apply and where invoicing/payment are separate from receipt of a piece); see the "Scope of current work" presentation slide for details.

The next steps include engagement with the Acquisitions and other appropriate SIGs as well as the wider community. From PC, feedback is needed on the plan and whether this work should be incorporated into future flower releases.

Could this functionality (e.g. additional fields in Orders) be hidden if it is not being used? The Orders app already has fields related to subscriptions, but they are not really functional at the moment. Should this development effort take "ownership" of these fields (to tidy up) or introduce something new?

Timeline for development? The initial work is expected to be relatively short (about the same size as the work for the Open Access app). Perhaps a 6-month timescale.

Discussion with the serials vendors? They seem willing to participate in discussions (e.g., to supply prediction patterns). This discussion about integration has not happened yet and isn't probably in the scope of the immediate work.

Does the initial work include roll-over? Not at this time.

Where is initial development happening? With some confidence, there will be a new user interface that interacts with serials records. Serials records will need to be attached to orders (including "gift orders") and have prediction patterns attached to them. The receipt interface is under discussion (book versus serial, predicted versus unpredicted); the question of how much of the existing app interfaces need to change is unresolved. Discussions are happening with Dennis and the Acquisitions SIG.

 30 minutes


Community Council

  • Documentation group:
    • Discussion about funding options for a technical editor (was : Marcia Borenstaijn until Sept. 30, 2022) - Extension of the recent contract and/or find a new technical editor 
    • Decision: CC will ask the community for extended funding for Marcia as technical editor (offer was provided) - additionally we seek for new people to engage in documentation
  • Desire to integrate new members: group to work on onboarding

  • FOLIO reference enviromnent needs new maintainer team
        • Status: open: Harry to provide skill set 
  • Results from questionaire "Things that could be better about FOLIO" are to be presented shortly
  • Update from Tom Cramer about the Resourcing Group
    • Ongoing discussion - now with 3 models  - no results yet
  • Announcement of LOC's FOLIO engagement
  • Community Council Treasurer's report:
    • Funding is stable, enables community to keep a reserve 
  • Questions - still open but of general interest
    • Question to OLF about next WOLFCON host 
    • Question to EBSCO about the status of the new folio.org webside 
    • Is anybody doing a Charleston FOLIO presentation?

Technical Council

Product Owners

Release Planning

Khalilah Gambrell 

Community Council
CC has met twice since the last update. See details to the left.

Technical Council
Having someone from TC on the project's onboarding committee would be helpful. In its internal conversations, TC talked about who and how content is coming up-to-date, and where will the information be located?

The TC's attention has been on reviewing modules for inclusion in the flower release. There were some teams that were surprised that some develop was not included in the flower release because it hadn't been especially clear about what needs review and what doesn't.  The non-acceptacnce of the Open Access work, for instance. A topic of conversation about how strick the project will be in accepting modules; it has been hard to reconcile a strict stance with the reality of what has happened.

The TC is also reviewing its charter; it is many years old and doesn't reflect the current project governance model. New processes are coming because some of the ways we've been working haven't scaled well as the community has gotten bigger. For instance, the change in the tools that are used in the technical part of the system that respects the needs of those that host FOLIO.

Product Owners
See the updates to the left.

Release Planning
There was a meeting on October 17 with a plan for the Orchid (R1 2023) release. There were discussions for a Lotus hotfix but that has been put off with the expected soon release of Nolana (R3 2022). Harry provided a review of the Nolana Jira dashboard and the Releases area of the wiki for looking at release planning and release notes.

15 min

SIG conversation updates and next steps

Kristin Martin 
5 min

topics for upcoming meetings

  • Roadmap charge and charter

Chat log

00:03:08	Kristin Martin (UChicago she/her):	Haydn
00:04:10	Kristin Martin (UChicago she/her):	Hadyn piano sonata in F major while we wait for more people.
00:04:27	Tiewei Liu:	👍
00:04:53	Kristin Martin (UChicago she/her):	We've got 11 people, so we'll wait until the end of Haydn to get started.
00:05:04	Sharon Wiles-Young:	sounds great
00:05:20	Dracine Hodges:	becoming quite proficient
00:09:35	Dracine Hodges:	Thank you, Martina!
00:22:28	Charlotte Whitt:	Really great diagram Owen
00:22:36	Maura Byrne:	+1 Charlotte
00:22:43	Dung-Lan Chen:	+1 Charlotte
00:22:59	Paul Kloppenborg:	+1 Charlotte
00:23:03	Tiewei Liu:	👍
00:23:15	Gang Zhou | SHL:	+1 Charlotte
00:35:14	Charlotte Whitt:	It is a sought after functionality. I have seen it as requirement in several recent RFPs
00:35:21	Dung-Lan Chen:	Serials Management is a very important area, IMO, that warrants ongoing discussions … thank you Dracine, Kirstin and Owen for pulling together the presentation to share what's been done and to continue the conversations!  Thank you!!
00:35:30	Martina Tumulla:	Wonderful, thank you for this serials management project and please include this in Flower releases
00:36:24	Gang Zhou | SHL:	Does the serials management include the rollover function?
00:36:42	Dung-Lan Chen:	Is it possible to see how Duke & GBV's process of how they manage the workflow?
00:38:24	Brooks Travis:	Or is it event-driven…?
00:39:54	Owen Stephens:	Slides are at https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1txB0kDM1QLSDZkoZlmuC9v36dnRS1qaiZtCUOO04WO4/edit?usp=sharing
00:40:11	Dung-Lan Chen:	Thank you, Owen!
00:42:12	Brooks Travis:	I would see the interactions with existing functionality being largely event-driven…
00:42:13	Owen Stephens:	Roll over of finances related to serials is not included in the current work
00:42:25	Gang Zhou | SHL:	Thanks!!
00:42:31	Kirstin Kemner-Heek:	GBV will definitely step in for claiming.
00:43:59	Dracine Hodges:	apologies, I need to head to another meeting - happy to answer questions via Slack. I'm glad there is support and interest. Thanks Kirstin and Owen!
00:44:00	Brooks Travis:	Poppy or Queen Anne’s Lace, then?
00:44:03	Brooks Travis:	🙂
00:44:10	Brooks Travis:	I’m going to use that name while I can
00:44:24	Kirstin Kemner-Heek:	Thank You Dracine!
00:45:50	Dung-Lan Chen:	Yes, definitely!  Let me know when you are ready :)
00:46:34	Dung-Lan Chen:	Yes, makes sense, Owen!
00:55:07	Dung-Lan Chen:	Yes, the integration of serials management functions with Orders, Receiving and possibly Invoices app, too, is very important.
00:55:13	Marc Johnson:	To be clear, I wasn’t trying to ask where all the parts would live. I understand that’s an open question (or questions).

I was only asking where the development was starting, given those open questions.
00:55:54	Owen Stephens:	The interaction with Invoices is definitely an interesting one Dung-Lan and one we've touched on in our discussions but not completely resolved
00:56:07	anya:	University of New England is live on FOLIO ERM

Rockhurst University is live on FOLIO ERM 

Maryville University is live on FOLIO ERM
00:56:30	Owen Stephens:	But the need to express “this invoice is for this period and/or set of material" is a really interesting aspect for me
00:58:07	Owen Stephens:	@marc I'm confident that we'll have a new UI but I'm not sure (and this is partly because I need to touchbase with the developers at K-Int following a meeting last week) whether that also means a new backend module to hold the model of a 'subscribed serial’ or not
00:58:22	Owen Stephens:	Does that offer some further insight?
00:59:16	Dung-Lan Chen:	@Owen … It's very important to receive things (part of serials management components) that we had paid for (invoices).
00:59:19	Marc Johnson:	Sure. That was my assumption after your answer, that there would be a new serials / subscriptions management UI
01:03:18	Harry:	Thank you Marc!
01:14:26	Maura Byrne:	That’s a good update, Marc.  thanks.
01:28:10	Paul Kloppenborg:	very helpful, thanks Harry!
01:28:18	Karen Newbery:	Thanks, Harry!
01:30:15	Karen Newbery:	I need to drop off. Thanks, all!