2022-06-09 Meeting notes



Discussion items

5 minAnnouncements

Georgetown College and Holy Family College are now live on FOLIO.

45 minSIG Conveners Updates

See heading below.

10 minWOLFcon Planning Committee UpdatesMartina gave an update on the conference planning (slides).

SIG Convener Updates

Metadata Management (Felix Hemme, Raegan Wiechert)

Consortia (Noah Brubaker)

No update

Accessibility – dormant at this time

SysOps (Ingolf Kuss) - not available today

SysOps SIG is engaging in the discussion about Technical Pain Points to provide feedback to the Technical Council. We have found that the needs of SysOps are different from those of DevOps and the dev teams. Our needs focus on installation procedures and operational concerns. Among the areas with the most urgent need for improvement are those:

  • Operational Documentation
    • This affects hosting providers and self-hosted sites, fresh installations and upgrades as well.

  • FOLIO Basic Tenant Installation
    • Currently, there are too many microservices (60+) in a basic installation.
    • Suggestions:
  • Reduce the scope of a FOLIO minimal installation
  • Simplify the complex dependency graph
    • Enforce domain boundaries that define an App; reduce dependencies
    • Allow for a simpler addition of Apps to running system

  • Observability (Logging)
    • RMB modules have a logging convention, but not others.
    • Suggestions:
  • Use a very small number of well documented logging patterns, suitable for aggregation
  • Provide consistent, well-documented health and readiness endpoints

  • Release Upgrades
    • Required downtime for re-indexing is high; This leads to slow migrations.
    • Preserving local customizations to reference data remains an issue

  • Okapi bootstrapping
    • Need improvement for registering modules with Okapi discovery, e.g. a mechanism to integrate with a native orchestration platform service discovery.
    • Issues in setting up Okapi and setting up tenants.

Data Migration Subgroup

  • Discussion about Optimistic Locking and the inventory storage batch synchronous Upsert method. Some say it has been designed like this, some say it’s a bug: MODINVSTOR-910 - Getting issue details... STATUS . Also an issue with HRIDs arose in the same endpoint:  MODINVSTOR-923 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Planned Sessions at WolfCon:
    • FOLIO Data Migration: Lessons Learned
    • FOLIO Data Migration Workshop
    • Inventory data migration crash course (by Theodor Tolstoy)
    • Data Integration in FOLIO
    • FOLIO Workflow Automation with Airflow (Jeremy Nelson)

Implementers (Ian Walls)

  • Gathering participants for WolfCon sessions
  • Mutual support and aid

Support (Anya Arnold and Debra Howell)

Currently all P1 have been close which means they are in Hot Fix 1 of lotus. ( way to go POs and Dev teams) 

P2 - 19

P3 -17 

P4 - 3

The current average number of days that it takes from open to close is about 60 days. 

Privacy (Carsten Schwill and Adam Chandler)

  • The SIG is working through the changes to the personal data disclosure document for FOLIO modules. The next step is to approach development teams about creating or updating the PDD document.
  • The Privacy SIG is concerned about the reliance on Google Chrome as the only “supported browser” for the FOLIO project.  Some users choose not to use Chrome for privacy reasons, and it is healthy for the project to not be locked into only one browser.  As far as members of the Privacy SIG know, Firefox works equally well with FOLIO.  (Several SIG members use Firefox, but none interact with FOLIO on a daily basis other than for troubleshooting.)  Generally, the SIG supports any efforts to improve cross-platform compatibility but understands the competing priorities on the roadmap.  How is this seen by other PC members?
    • How would product owners prioritize a bug report that identified a problem with Firefox but not Chrome?
    • What does it mean to say we support a browser? How do we prioritize cross-browser issues for fixing?
    • Noting that this is a topic for product council, we can put it on the backlog of topics to be discussed and documented.

Public Library (Adam Murray)

User Management (Maura Byrne)

  • We discussed several active tickets over the past month.
    • The patron PIN has been stored in the patron password field, and replaces whatever password was there.  SIP2 is directed to look in the patron password field for the patron PIN, which causes trouble for libraries where patrons need both a password and a PIN.
    • The patron PIN has been written into the back end (/patron-pin and /patron-pin/validate), and is part of a pull request.
    • Bulk user delete is part of the Bulk Edit app, not the Users app.
    • We liked the workflow that we saw.
    • We discussed hard delete vs. soft delete
      • Hard - deleted immediately
      • Soft -  marked deleted, then purged with a nightly process.
      • Regardless of hard vs. soft, does there have to be a stub record for the user?
    • We discussed what we wanted to see in an “Are you sure?” modal.
    • Magda will come back with an update next week.
    • SIP2-89 - Getting issue details... STATUS :
    • We discussed and updated our recommendations for pop-up notes in the user record, especially regarding how they can be deleted.
    • Magda Zacharaska gave us a demo of  UXPROD-3230 - Getting issue details... STATUS and asked for feedback.

App Interaction (Martina Schildt)

  • One meeting due to public holidays and German library congress
  • Controlled Digital Lending (CDL) subgroup presented on controlled digital lending process and workflows
    • this came up especially due to covid and its circumstances
    • There are digital representations of a physical book
    • Started discussing the question what the best way is to model CDL in FOLIO, especially Inventory 
    • User cannot check out both: two items where only one can be available at a time
    • Current thinking: Storage platform for CDL will most likely live outside FOLIO
    • FOLIO should be able to tie to CDL item
    • AI will stay in touch with CDL subgroup
  • Next meeting on June 15: Cross-app implementers topics - mostly UX/UI related - guests are welcome

Acquisitions (Dung-Lan Chen)

ERM (Martina Tumulla & Martina Schildt)

  • One meeting due to public holidays and German library congress
  • Updates on development progress and latest functionalities

Open Access (Björn Muschall) - not available today

Resource Access (Jana Freytag)

  • Fee/Fine:
    • Anonymization Slides
    • Refund process - kick-off: refund-subgroup - Slides
  • Notices:
    • The pros and cons of logic branching and advanced conditioning in notice and slip templates
    • Multiple fee/fine charges or actions (pay, waive, transfer, error or refund) on a single notice for a patron

Reporting (Angela Zoss) - Won’t be attending (at a conference)

  • The SIG has a draft statement of scope; after that is finalized, we’ll be working on a roadmap and a mission statement
  • Cornell SIG members recently demonstrated using Tableau, DBeaver Enterprise, Confluence, and Box to deliver dashboards and Excel sheets to other staff who need data from the LDP but aren’t comfortable querying LDP directly (notes from May 9, notes from May 19)
  • The SIG had a discussion recently about changes to the PO lines data model. The addition of a direct linkage to holdings is a welcome addition, but existing PO line records did not get processed automatically to retroactively add that linkage, so institutions are going to have to be working on that separately to clean up their data. We hope to both update FOLIO Analytics queries to add the newly available field and also build a few helper queries that could be used to try to clean up the records that don’t have this link to holdings.
  • Reporting documentation is continuing in conjunction with Documentation Working Group. Kiwi docs include two new reporting pages: ldpmarc and LDP App.
  • We’ve had additional discussions around how to gather and prioritize new report requests from FOLIO community members (ongoing)

Chat Log

00:10:39	Brooks Travis:	Couldn’t unmute
00:13:20	Owen Stephens:	I think we need to be careful what we mean by both "supported" and “chrome" in this context
00:14:22	Owen Stephens:	This is a recent discussion about this issue https://folio-project.slack.com/archives/C2BHMHCFJ/p1653035049856799
00:17:08	Jana Freytag | VZG:	Brooks, we can hear you!
00:17:54	Peter Murray:	We could hear you, Brooks, and I've muted you manually.
00:19:03	Brooks Travis:	Sorry, folks. Having audio device issues.
00:20:59	Owen Stephens:	Thanks Sharon
00:21:19	Ian Walls:	I would be interested to know if there are any institutions for which using Chrome is a non-starter.
00:28:22	Heather McMillan:	We'll be testing FY rollover in Juniper soon
00:28:26	Heather McMillan:	TAMU
00:34:07	Marc Johnson:	Yay, I’m so glad the documentation has caught up with the flower releases
00:35:00	Anya:	Georgetown College and Holy Family  went live yesterday
00:35:19	Peter Murray:	Thanks, Anya...I'll add that to the notes.
00:35:50	Owen Stephens:	Thanks Ian - I agree it needs to be part of the continuous updating process
00:49:41	Ian Walls:	this all sounds wonderful, thank you to everyone who is working to make this a reality!
00:51:01	Martina Schildt | VZG:	Link to slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1b0xxn67VJSf_JzQSjUnLNNg5U1fNdYIT/edit#slide=id.p5