2022-08-25 Product Council Meeting notes



Discussion items


China meeting has been moved to Monday of WOLFcon so it doesn't conflict with the Product Council meeting.

30 min

Agenda Planning for PC: particularly first meeting

  • determine how to report out results
  • PC/CC meetings
  • Roadmap
  • Scope/Criteria

Other WOLFCon last minute planning

Changes and annotations made to the "PC/CC meetings" document.

How can the Product Council take advantage of its efforts to guide the project?

Is there time for a SIG review (and is the SIG process working)?  What might need changing as the FOLIO project matures?  (There might not be time for this at WOLFcon...it might need to be done at a future Product Council meeting.)

30 min

Capacity Planning revised charge

Will probably leave this up as a draft through WOLFcon.

Is the phrase "development milestones" tripping us up because it means different things to different people (features versus timeline)?

The membership of the group at the moment is a significant cross-section of Product Council and Technical Council. For those that are interested in writing a charter for this group, can those people attend and follow what the group does through a release before making a charter?

Membership is whoever has responsibility for a development team...is it an ad hoc group or does it have a formal relationship to the Product Council? It was formed when we decided to do an MVP push (roughly the time of the DC FOLIO meeting), and the Product Council was the only governance group at the time.

A diagram showing the release planning process and timing would be helpful.

Harry, Marc, and Mark Veksler can work on cleaning up the document based on the comments received here with a focus on the role this group plays in the development and release cycle. They will also make sure the group's meeting information is available on the wiki. 

Chat log

00:09:15	anya:	they are better for glasses ...
00:10:19	Brooks Travis:	There are N95 masks that are the style of the KF94, as well.
00:10:53	Brooks Travis:	I would expect that if they accept KN95 they'd accept KF94
00:14:08	Jesse Koennecke (he/him):	https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GB0WIc-BxIv0byTNBWpGzzljn2TDfIKNEg95O38A_R4/edit?pli=1#
00:21:44	Marc Johnson:	The TC has no equivalent of the SIGs. All sub-groups of the TC are temporary, not permanent and long lived
00:24:45	Charlotte Whitt:	The TC should also refer and work with the SIGs right?
00:26:10	Marc Johnson:	The TC has almost no involvement with the SIGs today.

In general, I’m not aware of most of the SIGs actively encouraging collaboration with / participation from technical folks
00:26:33	Harry:	There has never been a need
00:27:05	Harry:	The TC does not really focus on features
00:27:28	Marc Johnson:	I would very much welcome the SIGs collaborating more with technical folks.

Maybe that could be a topic for the PC to discuss?
00:28:38	Tod Olson:	Also SysOps kind of needs a home, and PC doesn't really fit. It's most aligned with TC, but TC otten isn't exactly empowered to act on their behalf.
00:29:32	Marc Johnson:	I guess that comes down to whether folks consider operational features as features of the product 😃
00:30:03	Tod Olson:	++MJ (wry humor included)
00:30:29	Marc Johnson:	It’s the Britishness leaking out
00:31:46	Harry:	+1 Tod
00:36:55	Peter Murray:	Someone knows I'm starting my Hamburg trip this morning and keeps wraping his leash around my ankles.
00:37:12	Alexis Manheim:	He is going to miss you!
00:38:38	Peter Murray:	He is my outdoor buddy, so I can't tell if he is going to miss me or miss coming outside in the morning.
00:43:49	Harry:	I'll make an attempt at rewording.
00:48:46	Alexis Manheim:	I agree with wanting to reflect current reality
00:51:08	Charlotte Whitt:	But the Capacity Planning Team do prioritize the development when it come to approval of work for the Hotfixes
00:53:21	Harry:	The team does not prioritize
00:53:29	Harry:	That is not correct.
01:03:58	Mark Veksler:	Harry is right.  PC may recall this colorful spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12wNBLIMoexSN-upjRLa7SXYCiKTiN80GLB4sf9ooYjc/edit#gid=1734469341 which was used to determine what could be delivered based on the priorized demand given the available capacity.
01:07:58	Harry:	The dates are set and the POs then try to fit all the features they can to fit into those dates.
01:08:07	Gang Zhou:	Yes
01:09:08	Harry:	That said, we have not used that spreadsheet for a long time.
01:15:28	Kristin Martin:	When people come to "us", who is "us"?
01:21:19	Harry:	I would suggest after working to better understanding, we can revisit.
01:23:05	Mark Veksler:	i joined the call late and apologize if i'm asking something that's been asked before.  What is the problem we are trying to solve here?
01:23:17	Marc Johnson:	I will mention that I’m not a regular / stable member of the capacity planning group
01:23:29	Mark Veksler:	and why is it important?
01:24:00	Charlotte Whitt:	Is it possible for the PC to get access to the meeting minutes of the Capacity planning meeting?
01:24:13	Charlotte Whitt:	They used to be on the FOLIO wiki, but not anymore
01:26:37	Mark Veksler:	thank you.
01:27:47	Mark Veksler:	it will be great to catch up at Wolfcon and, together with others, I'll be happy to share the history and discuss how we can all work together going forward.
01:28:02	Kristin Martin:	Thanks Mark - thanks for joining today.
01:28:08	Sharon Wiles-Young:	Yes sounds great thanks Mark