Bug Fest R1 2022 Lotus

URL: https://bugfest-lotus.int.aws.folio.org

Lotus release schedule




Add test cases for Lotus release 

Product Owners

March 4, Friday

Folio module releases

Dev Teams

March 4, Friday

BugFest kick-off meeting

Testing Community

March  7, Monday

Claim test cases

Testing Community

March 7, Monday to March 13, Sunday

Complete BugFest Lotus system

Kitfox DevOps Team

March 9, Wednesday EOB

Bug Fest

Testing Community

Product Owners

March 14, Monday to March 25, Friday

Bug Fixing

Dev Teams

March 28, Monday to April 8, Friday

Lotus (R1 2022) release becomes GA

Exec Team

April 15 , Friday

BugFest Goals

  1. Execute complete test plan (see the scope table below). List of test cases can be found in the test run: 
  2. 100% of test cases with Critical or High priority should be completed
  3. Add test case descriptions and steps if they are missing

Kick-off Meeting Links

Bug Fest Instructions for Testing Community

  1. We are using TestRail application for test case editing, assignments and execution tracking. https://foliotest.testrail.io
    1. Helpful Resources page has links to training videos that will help to complete Bug Fest tasks.
    2. Test case claim process is outlined in the similar named section in the Helpful Resources page
  2. The test run Bug Fest R1 2022 Lotus contains test cases that were assigned to this Bug Fest.

  3. Folio URL to use: https://bugfest-lotus.int.aws.folio.org
  4. Credentials: folio/folio. Please use this login to create a user with desired permissions that you will use for testing. Don't use "folio" user to run test cases.
  5. System has preconfigured users and permission sets. 
  6. Please use deliverable email address when creating your user account 
  7. FOLIO supports only Chrome as internet browser. Please do you testing in Chrome unless a test case description gives you specific instructions. 
  8. Failed test cases:
    1. Testers don't file defects in Jira
    2. When a test case fails, tester to create a comment in Test Rail for this test case and assign this test case to a Product Owner
  9. Please use Slack channel #bug-fest for all Bug Fest related communications
  10. Retrospective meeting will be scheduled after the Bug Fest week.
  11. List of participants: Folio Testing Community. Please add yourself to the list if you want to participate in the future BugFest events.

Bug Fest Instructions for Product Owners 

To include a test case to Bug Fest test run - set "Test Group" field to:

  • Smoke
  • Critical Path
  • Extended

To remove test case from Bug Fest test run - set "Test Group" field to:

  • Draft
  • Obsolete
  • Automated

View more detailed instructions in the Bugfix section of this page.

  1. Throughout the day, monitor failed test cases in your areas.
  2. For each failed test case Product Owner reviews the problem, creates a Jira bug and links it to TestRail
    1. To link Jira bug to test case: 
      1. Select test case
      2. Click "Add Result" button
      3. Enter Jira ID into Defects field (for example, UIU-999).  Don't use URL format.
      4. Click "Save" button
    2. Use mandatory label bugfest_R1.2022 for all logged defects.
    3. Use label regression if functionality was working in prior release
    4. Set Release field to  "Lotus R1 2022 Bugfix" if bug must be fixed before Q3 2021 GA deadline.
    5. Use the following Jira statuses to track bug progress:  





Awaiting bugfix release

Indicates the item needs a bugfix/hotfix release to be created


Confirmed an issue in folio-snapshot

Awaiting bugfix deployment

Indicates release containing bug fix is ready to deploy to BugFest environment

Lead Maintainer

Creates a module patch release from one or more PR

In bugfix review

Indicates the bug fix has been deployed to BugFest and is ready to test

Release Coordinator

or QA Lead  

Requests and verifies deployment of a module patch release to Bug Fest


PO or tester

Verifies fix in Bug Fest

  1. Also monitor the Bugfest dashboard in JIRA for any bugs filed in your area (some testers and other POs may file bugs and we want to make sure we triage them, as well).
  2. Assign a priority to your bugs according to the defect priority scheme https://folio-org.atlassian.net/wiki/display/DQA/Defect+Priority+Definition 
  3. Select a development team and notify the PO lead for the team so they can get development started
  4. Follow the bug fix process outlined here: Lotus (R1 2022) PO Bugfix and Hotfix Release Process:
  5. Jira Dashboard for R3 2021: https://folio-org.atlassian.net/secure/Dashboard.jspa?selectPageId=12220

Test Case Priority

Test cases that have Critical and High priority should be claimed first. Test Rail filter can be set to see test cases that have Critical or High priority.

Scope Table

Section is out of BugFest Scope