2022-01-13 Product Council/SIG Conveners Meeting notes



Discussion items

5 minAnnouncementsKristin Martin 

Brooks Travis: position announcement: Senior FOLIO Implementation Consultant at EBSCO.  Product Council will need to look at the balance of elected members.

Position opening at Index Data: FOLIO Services Analyst

New implementations

  • Washington College (Maryland) live January 5
  • Texas A&M live January 10

New Long Term Support Release (PC volunteer opportunity)

  • The community needs to define what the first official LTS - Long Term Support release is for FOLIO. This page documents the impact of the LTS being named - it helps the community understand how far back big fixes and security patches would be ported.  The TC is asking for this on behalf of the Development teams. 
55 minSIG Conveners

See updates below

10 minSWOT Analysis revised reportAnya 

Word Document

PC members: review for next week's meeting, when we can have a more detailed discussion about the report and decide what we want to do

10 minBrief update on Ranking/Prioritization GroupMartina Schildt 

Update on work of group: introduction to new confluence page.  Feel free to add issues, and when you do please add your name so the group can get back to you for further discussion.  There is also a table that describes How do other ILS systems handle prioritization; please add your knowledge to that page as well.

Goal of conversation: Informational

10 minFuture TopicsAll

Terms for PC members: need to determine how is one or two year term

  • status of Accessibility SIG

SIG Convener Updates

Acquisitions (Martina Schildt)

  • Susan Martin is stepping down as the ACQ SIG convener; last day is January 25th 
  • New convener: Dung-Lan Chen, Skidmore College
  • EDIFACT order user acceptance testing - planned for January 18-20 - will be announced on Slack

Topics around orders and invoices

ERM (Martina Tumulla & Martina Schildt)

  • ERM SIG discussed another implementer topic: Copying agreement line information
  • Owen gave a demo on the functionality delivered with Kiwi and deliverables for Lotus
  • Emma Raub is writing the documentation for most of the ERM apps; volunteer to write documentation for Local KB Admin + ERM Comparisons is Felix Hemme

Open Access (Björn Muschall) - not present

  • Discussed the recording of Correspondence relating to Open Access Publication request
  • Demonstration / Development status update

User Management (Maura Byrne)

  • We determined what we would like to see in a “count of active borrowers report.” Once discussion was finished, we decided it was more appropriately a feature for RA-SIG.
  • PO discovered that, while we got a “preferred first name” field to be part of the user record, and that the preferred first name does indeed show up when circulating items to the user, we never asked to have it included in the user record itself. We now have a JIRA ticket for this, and have agreed to write some user stories for related issues (such as display of preferred pronoun and display of honorifics.
  • We clarified some definitions of terminology for documentation.

Resource Access (Jana Freytag)

Reporting (Angela Zoss)

  • Starting to ramp up efforts to transition from LDP to Metadb. Metadb hasn’t had a public release yet, but we’re targeting Lotus for a first set of updated queries
  • Have a group of new library staff from Stanford interested in joining our working groups, which will be a good excuse to work on our onboarding process and internal documentation/training
  • Angela still needs to follow up: we have had some discussions about changes to FOLIO app data models that have an impact on reporting. We have seen situations where these changes don’t seem to be made with SME input and are not announced, which can cause breaking changes in reports. In many situations, reporting would prefer advanced warning of proposed changes to give a chance to weigh in or at least to be able to plan updates to reports that rely on these data elements. Discussions are happening in MM right now because of recent changes to SRS. This has also been mentioned to TC and Khalilah offered to think more about it, but we know that this issue affects reporting, API usage, app interactions, etc., so we would love to see more discussion about this amongst the governance groups.
  • Ongoing reminders for all FOLIO Participating Institutions
    • Reporting SIG is always recruiting new subject matter experts and report developers. Please contact Angela if you have staff who would be a good fit for reporting.

Metadata Management (Felix Hemme, Raegan Wiechert)

  • Michelle Futornick and Jeremy Nelson from Stanford joint MM SIG and presented the current status of the Sinopia-FOLIO integration (“Sinolio”). The Sinolia RDF metadata is mapped and converted to FOLIO JSON and pushed into Inventory. The team will keep the MM SIG informed on the project progress.
  • Khalilah presented on the call number and subject browse support for Lotus
  • Charlotte gave an update on Inventory development plans for Kiwi and the upcoming releases Lotus and Morning Glory

Consortia (Noah Brubaker)

  • Continuing work to identify functionality for consortia admin tool and consortia admin role
  • Mapping desired functions to associated SIGs and identifying liaisons and planning to extend invitations for other SIG conveners or representatives to join focused discussions
  • Received an excellent overview of the work of the Bulk Edit group by Magda Zacharska
  • Beginning to provide consortia input on functionality to Bulk Edit group

Accessibility (Beth German) 

SysOps (Ingolf Kuss)

  • Log4shell issue. 
    • Dec/11: Initial mitigation: add command line switch for the Java command to add the Java option log4j2.formatMsgNoLookups=true to all our Java deployments in our FOLIO environments
    • Dec/21: Okapi v4.11.1 with log4j 2.17.0 has been released. It protects Okapi and all modules where Okapi proxies requests to. Modules don't need to upgrade from log4j 2.16.0 to log4j 2.17.0, because Okapi filters out those invalid requests so that they don't reach the modules.

All FOLIO installations (Iris, Juniper, Kiwi, ...) should upgrade to this Okapi version.

  • Talking about a “platform-minimum” approach
    • encourage modularity and clean dependencies (moving towards independently-installable Apps)
    • reduce dependency on single-server install method. Build towards docker-compose or helm deployment without manual intervention.
    • A one-Click installation on-premise (Kubernetes based)
    •  audiences: vendors, developers, possibly folks outside the library world
    • Use-cases: test environment, dev environment (not a point for production environments)

Implementers (Ian Walls)

Ian Walls has taken over as convenor for the calendar year 2022.  His vision for the group:

Goal:  Make the Implementation Group the go-to place for "how do I...?" and "are you seeing this?" type questions for the FOLIO Community


  1. Focus on asynchronous discussion (via Slack) rather than synchronous discussion (via Zoom).  A minimum of 1 in-person meeting per month.
  2. Work closely with other key groups, such as: data migration, sysops, support SIG, documentation.
  3. Create a searchable archive of answers to community questions (a la StackOverflow or LibAnswers)

Support (Anya Arnold and Debra Howell)

Privacy (Carsten Schwill and Adam Chandler)

  • SIG met Tuesday.
  • Charge approved by PC, no objections from TC
  • Beginning work to tidy the “PERSONAL_DATA_DISCLOSURE” documents in the code repositories, including ensuring that this file exists and has been updated recently.

Public Library (Adam Murray)

App Interaction (Martina Schildt)

  • Update and Inventory demo by Charlotte on the latest Inventory functionality as well as plans for the next releases: Minutes + Charlotte's slides
    • Interest to use Elastic search in other apps
    • Continue cross-app search discussion
  • Data Sync: discussion on how much time data is okay to be not in sync
    • Differences per use case
    • Feedback from SIGs would be helpful - in preparation
  • Demos on plans for the edit log in orders by Dennis and the circulation log by Steph
    • Options to adopt functionality in other apps
    • Will be continued
    • Privacy aspects will be discussed as well

Saved Zoom chat

09:33:40 From  Charlotte Whitt  to  Everyone:
    congrats Brooks
09:33:56 From  Anya  to  Everyone:
    Washington College is Live on FOLIO Jan 5
09:35:28 From  Anya  to  Everyone:
09:36:11 From  Ian Walls  to  Everyone:
    not to be confused with Washington & Jefferson College, also in PA
09:37:15 From  Peter Murray  to  Everyone:
    Open position announcement: https://www.indexdata.com/index-data-seeks-a-folio-services-analyst/ (also added to the minutes)
09:37:42 From  Anya  to  Everyone:
    That is great !!
09:37:50 From  Brooks Travis  to  Everyone:
    Australia has timezones that are +9:30, +10:30 and +8:45 �
09:39:21 From  Ian Walls  to  Everyone:
    we just need to get McMurdo Library in Antarctica, and we'll have the whole set of continents!
09:39:30 From  Kristin Martin  to  Everyone:
09:40:21 From  Brooks Travis  to  Everyone:
    I wish I had the bandwidth
09:45:17 From  Owen Stephens  to  Everyone:
    If there are any questions in relation to that Open Access status update you can ask me as well
09:46:00 From  Felix Hemme (ZBW)  to  Everyone:
    Can you put the link in the Slack channel description as well?
09:46:45 From  Anya  to  Everyone:
09:47:35 From  Ian Walls  to  Everyone:
    I just realized that as the new convener of Implementors, I'm on the hook to report
09:47:40 From  Ian Walls  to  Everyone:
    and I need to leavea t the top of hte hour
09:48:37 From  Tod Olson  to  Everyone:
    Through the miracle of lazy consensus!
09:52:28 From  Maura Byrne  to  Everyone:
    +1Kristin and Ian.
09:58:34 From  Tod Olson  to  Everyone:
    Something similar wrt API changes came up in #development recently.
09:59:07 From  Sharon Wiles-Young  to  Everyone:
    Got to run to another meeting Thanks for the updates and good news on new migrations!
09:59:23 From  Jesse Koennecke (he/him)  to  Everyone:
    I'm sorry I am late.  My calendar entry seems to have shifted to 10:00 Eastern start time.  I suppose I should fix that.
09:59:34 From  Tod Olson  to  Everyone:
    I must also run, thank you everyone.
09:59:37 From  Anya  to  Everyone:
    Whew I am off the hook
10:05:07 From  Steph Buck  to  Everyone:
    Beth has been trouble shooting TAMUs go live this week
10:19:19 From  Owen Stephens  to  Everyone:
    Next week sounds good