2022-06-07 Acquisitions Meeting notes



Adam Hudnut-Beumler, Alissa Hafele, Ann Crowley, Bethany Blankemeyer, Dennis Bridges, Dung-Lan Chen, Emily Robertson, Heather McMillan, Jackie Magagnosc, Julie Brannon, Julie Stauffer, Kimberly Pamplin, Lisa Maybury, Lisa Smith, Lloyd, Lucinda Williams, Mark Arnold, Martina Schildt, Masayo Uchiyama, Michael Phillips, Nancy Pelis, Okay Okonkwo, Peter Sbrzesny, Sara Colglazier, Scott Perry, Scott Stangroom, Shannon Burke, Steve Selleck, Suzette Caneda, Victoria Anderson, Virginia Martin, Winter White


Housekeeping -

  • No meeting this Friday, next meeting is Tuesday, June 14
  • Take a look at the power point slide presentation from the FOLIO Scope-Criteria Group that Kristin included in the PC updates below when you get a chance 

PC Updates (@Kristin Martin) - postponed from previous cancelled meeting (written updates, as Kristin can't make it)

Business -

Discussion items

  • No meeting this Friday, next meeting is Tuesday, June 14
  • Take a look at the power point slide presentation from the FOLIO Scope-Criteria Group that Kristin included in the PC updates below when you get a chance 

 PC Updates
:03Business Process invoices against previous fiscal years
  • UXPROD-3256 - Allow user to process invoices against previous fiscal years

  • Dennis: Are there use cases for paying against upcoming fiscal years?
  • From Scott Perry to Everyone 12:05 PM
    You're not talking about deposit accounts?
    • Dennis: I don't think so. I think Deposit accounts is passing a vendor a chunk of money and it would be credited over time. Is that correct?
      • Scott: Yes
    • From Virginia Martin to Everyone 12:07 PM
      we don't use deposit accounts at Duke at this time
  • Peter: use case: receive invoice for licensed packages towards the end of the FY, want to put in for the next fy funds to prevent it from being paid twice in a fy. 
  • From Virginia Martin to Everyone 12:16 PM
    for Duke, I don't think we have any use cases for actual prepays. however, I'd be very interested in encumbering for future years.
    we use spreadsheets and other workflow tools
  • From Scott Perry to Everyone 12:16 PM
  • From Virginia Martin to Everyone 12:18 PM I'm not really interested in using an invoice for this purpose, though. Because there usually *isn't* an invoice yet. I'd want to manage encumbrance transactions
  • From Scott Perry to Everyone 12:21 PM
    But isn't that true of any subscription?  You pay now, but only receive it over time.
  • Virginia: A three year deal and you know what the price is for those years and you want to go ahead and encumber for those three years. Or if you make a payment every 5 years. It would be nice if there is a way to keep track. I guess you could create an order for each fiscal year.... Or when you make a one time fee for content, then you will have a small annual fee. But the first year or two will be free. Need a way to know that the money will need to be there for future budgets. This would be more of a encumbrance management or budget management. 
  • From Okay Okonkwo to Everyone 12:23 PM
    +1 Virginia
  • From Julie Stauffer to Everyone 12:24 PM
    Also called platform fees 
  • From Dung-Lan Chen to Everyone 12:25 PM
    CSF - continuing service fee; annual access fee, continuing update fee, etc.
  • Dennis: Will you pay for and approve invoices for future years? What I am hearing is they are mostly budgeting concerns with committing money, then also keeping track of approvals that need to be made in future years.  You aren't trying to make a payment today against next years budget. You need a way to keep track of when to create or approve an invoice. 
  • From Scott Perry to Everyone 12:28 PM
    Budgeting and reporting
  • From Dung-Lan Chen to Everyone 12:32 PM
    Yes, keeping track of expenditures for current and future if it can be done.
:37Business  Allow user to generate requests from Order line
  • UXPROD-2565 - Create requests for newly ordered items automatically from the POL 
  • User must navigate to inventory to place a request on newly ordered items. This requires additional permissions and breaking up the acquisitions workflow or risking that items are requested before a hold can be place for the desired user.
  • Title level requests will automatically pull an item that is created by the orders app.
  • When creating multi-line POLs a library may be waiting on approval for the full PO. The requested item is associated with one POL and user must remember to go back and create request once orders is approved and Opened. Because Item is not generated until the order is opened.
  • https://miro.com/app/board/uXjVOvvI4ww=/?moveToWidget=3458764526758828433&cot=10
  • Martina: Create inventory must = Instance, holding, item. We don't create anything in inventory but would like to use the workflow.  
  • Dennis: Do title order requests actually pull on order items? Or do they wait for some other status of available or in process?
    • No answer from group
  • From Lisa Smith - Mich State to Everyone 12:58 PM
    We manually add what we call 'notify' information in the order, using a piece of the user's barcode #.  When the book is received, we get it in the rush workflow.  We do sometimes have more than 1 'notify' on the order.  I would love to have a field that can be filtered to catch these notifies.  (In Sierra, we would run a create list with vendor info & notify info so that we could pull those orders first.)  In FOLIO, we are keeping this info in the 'Receiving note' field.  *We don't put the patrons name, email or complete barcode # in the order records, due to privacy concerns.*
  • From Martina Schildt | VZG to Everyone 01:02 PM
    There can be multiple requestors, but this happens not too often.
    +1 Dung-Lan

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