2022-02-22 Acquisitions Meeting notes



Alissa Hafele

Lisa Maybury
Ann CrowleyLloyd (Marmot Library Network)
Ann-Marie BreauxMark Arnold
Bethany BlankemeyerMartina Schildt
Bill VernerMasayo Uchiyama
Bob ScheierMichael Phillips
Dennis BridgesNancy Pelis
Dung-Lan ChenOkay Okonkwo
Dwayne SwigertPeter Sbrzesny
Emily RobertsonSabrina Bayer
Heather McMillan Sara Colglazier
Jean PajerekScott Perry
Julie BrannonScott Stangroom
Julie StaufferShannon Burke
Kathleen NortonSteve Selleck
Kimberly PamplinSuzette Caneda
Kristin MartinVictoria Anderson
Linh ChangWinter M White
Lisa G Smith


Housekeeping –

  • Reminder - we’ll meeting this Friday, February 25
  • Reminder - no meeting next Tuesday, March 1
  • Both Acquisitions SIG Calendar and Community Calendars have been updated with our current Tuesday/Friday meeting schedule

Business –

  • Summarize the discussion re: “exporting adjustment details in voucher summary” from last Tuesday
  • Highlights of the Lotus release (10 minutes)
  • Discuss #25 & #26 (and continue if time allows) both invoice related from Implementer’s topics list (details see the list - Acquisitions/Resource Management implementers)

Discussion items

12:00 PMHousekeepingDung-Lan
  • Friday meeting this week, 2/25, at 9 AM.
  • No meeting next Tuesday (3/1)
  • Calendars have been updated.
12:02 PMExporting adjustment details in voucher summaryDennis
  • Demonstration in FOLIO testing:
    • Invoice created to show functionality
    • Two invoice lines
    • Two adjustments at the invoice level (GST 5% pro rated by amount; shipping cost $8.99 also prorated by quantity)
    • Each invoice line has it's own adjustment separate from total:
      • First invoice line has generic fee; actual value not counted, but appears. Not set to export to accounting. Toggle not checked.
      • Second invoice line has import fee. Set to export to accounting. Included in total. $2 part of $100 paid for title. 
    • Approved & paid and ran batch export.
    • New: For the voucher itself, there are adjustment summaries.

  • Martina: We have different adjustments here. One is tax and the other is the shipping. Usually the tax would need to apply to the shipping. E.g. GST needs to be calculated on the shipping or other additional costs. How can we be sure that this is calculated? Is there a specific order it needs to be entered in? 
  • In that case, could use included in and apply the amount to the subtotal, so the shipping would be part of the subtotal. Adding the tax as a percentage is always applied to the totals. The adjustments don't interact with each other. 
    • Example demonstration with invoice creation (11 min. after)
    • Shipping entered at line:
    • Tax entered as an invoice level adjustment:

12:14 PM

FOLIO Acquisitions Lotus Highlights


  • Key Deliverables - Stability
    • UXPROD-3310 - Improved error reporting
    • UXPROD-3301 - Karate API integration tests
    • UXPROD-3314 - Implementation of end-to-end automated functional tests
    • Automated tests replacing a lot of test cases that would have been manually worked through in BugFest.
    • Focusing on smoke tests first, but trying to replace as many as they can.
    • Can run constantly
  • Key Deliverables - Performance
    • UXPROD-3385 - User experience improvements to speed up workflows
    • UXPROD-3221 - Keyboard shortcuts, Hidden fields for Order templates, search plugin improvements
      • Keyboard shortcuts for Inventory App. 
      • Adding search indexes to plugins so that you can search by specific search indexes.
      • Create piece, added create another toggle. Allows you to create pieces more quickly.
  • Key Deliverables - Interactions
    • UXPROD-3096 - Display acquisition information on inventory records.
      • As of Lotus will see acquisitions information on Instances and Items.
  • Key Deliverables - New Features
    • UXPROD-3433 - Allow user to cancel invoices.
      • When invoices are cancelled payment is voided, but trail remains. 
    • UXPROD-531 - Export orders in EDIFACT format for specific organizations.
      • In Organizations EDI accordion replaced with "Integration details."
      • Cannot set up a naming convention in the initial release. Will be a default naming convention for the time being.
      • Once integration created next step is working with orders. 
      • Combination of Account # & Acquisition Method (and Organization app settings) is what impacts whether or not "Automatic export" is automatically checked in the POL. 
      • In Export Manager can see when the job ran, who/where it went to, and the status of the export.
      • Demonstration of filtering in Export Manager (35 min after)
      • Export history had to be split to Morning Glory release. 
  • Questions (~36 minutes after): 
    • From Ann Crowley to Everyone 12:16 PM
      Do you have a sample of the new error reporting?
        • One example: When you try to improve an invoice and there is not enough money. Error message does not tell you which funds don't have enough money. Now showing the user which fund codes are actually short of money so you can figure that out more quickly. 
        • Primarily related to orders or invoicing.
    • From Scott Perry (he/him) to Everyone 12:23 PM
      Is the ability to void a paid invoice a separate permission?
      • From Ann Crowley to Everyone 12:24 PM
        +1 Scott
      • At the moment it is just a specific permission for cancel invoices.
      • From Sara Colglazier (MHC/5C) to Everyone 12:26 PM
        And does the voiding go for Credits as well as Invoices? Or are the two functional the same?
        • Yes, you can void credits. It does not matter what kind of transaction. Can void any approved/paid.
      • From Scott Perry (he/him) to Everyone 12:40 PM
        It would be very good to have a separate permission to a void of a paid or approved invoice.
      • It’s a very different thing from cancelling an invoice.
        • Addressed at about 52 min. after.
  • From Sara Colglazier (MHC/5C) to Everyone 12:20 PM
    Once Dennis is done with his presentation, I have a question about Keyboard shortcuts
    • Laura from Cornell talking about using a lot of Macro Express shortcuts to speed up work. In some cases when used to do certain things. It seems to think they are trying to do keyboard shortcut. Have a Macro Express shortcut used that will not let them type "H" for a while. Has anyone else experienced this or heard anything about interactions? 
    • Imagine there could be some kind of UI issue that's related to how the shortcuts are implemented in FOLIO
    • Ann-Marie: Default set of keyboard shortcuts available for all apps. If app has implemented, these defaults should have implemented across apps. Also app-specific apps. If you can find where you are getting the problem, would be good to document and contact the product owner for that app.
    • From Julie Brannon (she/her) to Everyone 12:45 PM
      Keyboard shortcuts are in Juniper in these apps:  Agreements Holdings eUsage Finance Invoices Orders Organizations Receiving Users And in Licenses too
  • From Peter Sbrzesny to Everyone 12:35 PM
    Is a copy of the exported file saved within the System?
    • The EDI files are not being saved in FOLIO for this Lotus release.
    • File is created and then sent to location you told FOLIO to send it to.
    • You have the ability to rerun a specific job. Don't have to wait for a timer to trigger. 
    • Ability to download or resend a specific file was split out to next release in Morning Glory.
  • Scott: (52 min. after) My concern is the ability to cancel an invoice that has already been approved/paid. This should be separate from the ability to delete an invoice that is not approved/paid. 
    • Can only use the cancel action for invoices approved/paid.
    • Ability to cancel is a separate permission.
  • Please participate in BugFest if you can!

Action items