2022-01-11 Acquisitions Meeting notes




  • Housekeeping 

    • New Convener! 


    • EDIFACT invoice questions from Ann-Marie
    • EDIFACT order user acceptance testing 
    • Follow up questions from Dennis Bridges regarding the discussion on additional use cases for canceling orders
    • CONTINUE to discuss allowing users to edit invoice subscription dates after the invoice is approved or paid

Discussion items

Housekeeping Susan Martin
  • Housekeeping 

    • New Convener! 
    • Dung-Lan Chen from  Skidmore College has agreed to take Susan's place as co-convener
    • Susan will be out next Tuesday and Dung-Lan will moderate.
12:05 central time

EDIFACT order user acceptance testing 

 Dennis Bridges
  • Two parts of this functionality
    • Configuring your details for an organization and creating orders that you would like to export by EDI
    • Artifact file actually being created.  
  • There will no longer be an EDI accordion. It is being replaced by integration details because it may not be just edi integrations moving forward with your different organizations. 
  • Question: If scheduled once per day, can you do it more than once per day?
    • Dennis: Yes
  • Ann-Marie: Let me summarize, If it's scheduled for daily, you would like an on demand ability to send as needed?
    • Yes. But that's a nice to have. Not needed right now. 
  • There are only a few weeks left before the freeze for the Lotus release. Dennis wants us to test the changes made to organizations and orders app. Setting the configurations and focusing on the orders you want to export. Hopefully at the end of the sprint, the history of export's will be shown. Would like people to start using it and identifying the gaps or anything that might need to be changed. 
    • Is there anyone that thinks they will able able to participate in the testing?
      • Yes, Peter thinks he will. 
      • Dennis: We will begin Monday of next week.  (Susan points out this is a federal holiday in the US). We will test for maybe three or four days, there will not be a lot of questions. 
        • Will test through end of day Thursday so Dennis will have Friday to look at the Data. 
        • You will be testing the set up process in the folio testing environment.  
      • Gobi has agreed to help test this as well. There will be a part two of testing where we will load files to Gobi test 
    • Portion had to be split and moved to the Morning Glory release. 
    • UXPROD 3498 Allow user to download or resend EDIFACT order exports. (manually)
    •   UXPROD-3498 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Ann-Marie:  Summary: Make sure we are able to populate the note to vendor information line from the order line into the artifact order line. 
    • Dennis: In theory, we may want to export ongoing orders. 
    • From Sara Colglazier (MHC/5C) to Everyone 12:44 PM
      And just to confirm: Only Orders will be EDI-ed if the Order has Manual not checked–correct?
    • Dennis: If manual = false, then it would not be part of any automated process. 
  • EDIFACT invoice questions from Ann-Marie
  • Related to individual order lines that for multiple copies have different locations for various copies or for single copies that have funding split across more than one fund or budget. If the vendor is keeping track of location and fund details for libraries order lines, so if different locations are supposed to triggers different spine label, or different information to be sent in cataloging records.  If anyone is doing this, it would be great to have examples of these.
  • From Peter Sbrzesny to Everyone 12:49 PM Our current system doesn't offer this option.
  • Ann-Marie: We need something in the system that will know how to deal with it at least on a very basic level if you happen to have different locations or different funds within the same purchase order line. 
  • Place of publication - will omit this field from EDIFACT output. Are there any problems with omitting this field?
    • no
  • Material Type> Has to do with item records being created by the purchase order line and is an optional thing. If you are not creating item records in inventory, then you're not required to put in a material type. The flip side of that is if youre ordering mixed material, print plus electronic. The questionL If there are multiple material types that are specified in the 
    • Three more questions that would like to start with at the next meeting. 
    • Dennis: Let's have some of this discussion in slack. Ann-Marie will post some of these questions in slack. But reserve the first 15 minutes


Action items