2022-01-04 Acquisitions Meeting notes




  • Topics

    • Discuss additional use cases for canceling orders
    • Discuss "Release encumbrances" for Ongoing orders
    • Discuss allowing users to edit invoice subscription dates after the invoice is approved or paid

Discussion items

2 min past the hourHousekeepingHeather 
  • We will meet on Friday, January 7, 2022.
  • Still seeking a new Convener in January 2022.  As mentioned, we have a person who is tentatively willing, but would like others to have a chance to volunteer. If you are willing and able to volunteer, please contact me, Heather, and Dennis no later than Friday, January 7, 2022 via direct message in Slack.  If I do not receive any volunteers, I will see if our tentative person is still willing. 
7 min past the hour

Discuss additional use cases for canceling orders

  • Hoping to collect use cases where you may decide to cancel an order (firm orders, ongoing, etc.)
    • Item not published
    • Not available from particular supplier / changing supplier / supplier contacted to say they have cancelled
      • e.g. out of stock, cannot supply, etc.
    • Ongoing order and publication has ceased being published
    • Budgets have been cut and cannot maintain
    • Had something on order and then get on approval and cancel because an extra copy is not desired
  • From Dung-Lan Chen to Everyone 12:12 PM
    It's probably makes sense to talk about cancellations separately for one-time (firm) and ongoing (continuations) orders as the process involves different actions/workflows for each type.
  • From Julie Brannon (she/her) to Everyone 12:12 PM
    Here are the list of order closure reasons in Settings > Orders: Cancelled Ceased Complete Lack of funds Lack of use Licensing terms (unacceptable) Low quality Merged with another title Split into other titles Title is out of print Title received as a gift Title won’t be published Title won’t be published this year Transferred to another publisher Unpreferred format Unresponsive vendor
  • Dennis: Seem like you would be cancelling before they are fulfilled?
    • Usually firm order is cancelled before we receive material
  • What are scenarios where order would be partially fulfilled?
    • Rare for firm orders
    • Very common for an ongoing order to exist for decades and then cancel
  • Distinction between cancelled order and closed:
    • Ceased not really treated as cancelled because we are not actively choosing to not include in the collection.
    • Cancelling may be because we cannot afford, etc.
  • From Jackie Magagnosc to Everyone 12:14 PM
    What about a title that is expected to be a multi vol where the second (third, etc.) volume isn’t published?
  • Kristin: You mention that last time we talked about cancelling titles vs. order. Not sure understood what was meant. 
    • Talking about this in the context of FOLIO made it a little more difficult. Want to focus more on broader situations, not take into context how FOLIO functions at the moment, but talk about real world examples.
  • Sara: Distinction needs to be made if we are talking about order/POLs. On order with multiple POLs, have to be able to differentiate between closing the POLs and closing the order.
    • Dennis: Thing that makes cancelling the order difficult is that you could have multiple lines. Other factors: is it paid and is it received. Want to talk about cancelling partially fulfilled orders. What are the expectations when you cancel an order that is partially paid? Are you considering the payment now cancelled?
    • Sara: You would want to release any remaining encumbrance for sure.
      • Thinking about ERM and agreements. You can close an agreement. You can cancel and give a reason. Three basic things: closes automatically, vendor cancelled (+sub reasons for why), library cancelled (+sub reasons for why). Let us decide in settings what our sub reasons for closure or cancelling need to be. Libraries who need to track in detail can use these and libraries who do not need as much detail can use three high level triggers. 
    • Dennis: If you have numerous reasons for cancelling/closing, makes sense to have workflow status. Closed & cancelled would become resolved states.
  • Would you ever un-cancel something?
    • Heather: It does occasionally happen and we create a new PO. (Voyager)
    • Sara: Can un-cancel / reopen and carry on that subscription. (Aleph)
    • Dennis: What is that called?
      • From Dung-Lan Chen to Everyone 12:26 PM
        reinstate the order(s)
    • When you un-cancel something, is it re-encumbered or would that be your expectation?
      • Sara: Often if I cancel, I delete budget for this fiscal year and would have to add it back. Happens quite frequently because we are on a July-June fiscal year. 
    • E.g. of when you would reinstate with a subscription:
      • Sara: They did a review heard back from people and said to cancel and then another faculty member comes back and says no we really need that. 
      • Peter: Could happen that supplier says item cannot be fulfilled because not available. May then come back and say they've found another copy and library would need to re-encumber.
  • May have some more questions on Friday. Need some time to really look closely at the implications this may have.
  • Dung-Lan: Currently we have a single-line one-time order through Amazon and was charged by card. Received wrong book. They issued full refund to card. Entered refund attached to that single POL. In order for me to properly close out. Do I approve original charge and refund credit and then cancel POL? Is this the proper cancellation process?
    • Would probably close the order with a specific reason, depending on how you want to keep track of it. 
    • Would leave order open. Pay first invoice and encumbrance will be released. Then process credit. Then close order.
  • Sara: I could see going forward in FOLIO it'd be great where you've placed the order, third party charges you, and you don't receive. Get a credit. Order again. Would be nice to be able to re-use the order. Have the first POL cancelled with invoice paid and credit. Add another POL for the new one. Show history of us attempting to get this thing.
  • Kristin: If you have to re-vend an item, I don't know that you would even want to close the order line as much as edit it and put a note that you re-vended it. If you had POLs attached to items in Inventory, would end up with a lot of detritus. I wonder if it would be better to track on the same order line.
  • The more we talk about these things the more important the history seems to be. (Whether closing, renewing, reopening, etc.).
    • What has happened to this order over time?
    •  UXPROD-3215
      • If you have not had a chance to review and rank please do.
45 min past the hourEditing subscription dates after an invoice is paid.Dennis
  • No way to change subscription dates after approved/paid.
  • No way currently to un-approve or cancel an invoice.
  • Any concerns about allowing users to edit the subscription dates post-approval or payment? Would you be okay with this?
    • From Dung-Lan Chen to Everyone 12:50 PM
      It would be great to be able to edit after an invoice is approved/paid!
    • From Scott Perry (he/him) to Everyone 12:50 PM
      Edit, yes.
    • Agreement that should be possible.
  • Dung-Lan: Editing invoice after approved/paid for the amount would be great.
    • From Scott Perry (he/him) to Everyone 12:52 PM
      If an amount needs to be changed post payment, that should be highly restricted. I would do a second transaction for the amount
  • Dung-Lan: In Voyager easily able to remove and invoice and then re-add.
  • Sara: How do others feel about the subscription info field? Add specifics to this field regarding volume, issue #s etc. 
  • Dung-Lan: Have to click each line to see details in invoice. Would be nice to be able to see this information on the invoice level. 
    • Sara: +1
  • Discussion about how pieces correspond to related invoices.

Action items