2022-03-25 Acquisitions Meeting notes



Ann Crowley, Bill Verner, Dennis Bridges, Dung-Lan Chen, Dwayne Swigert, Emily Robertson, Eric Hartnett, Heather McMillan, Jackie Magagnosc, Jean Pajerek, Julie Stauffer, Kathleen Norton, Kimberly Pamplin, Kimberly Wiljanen, Kristin Martin, Linh Chang, Lisa Maybury, Lisa Smith, Martina Karlsson, Martina Schildt, Masayo Uchiyama, Nancy Finn, Okay Okonkwo, Owen Stephens, Peter Sbrzesny, Sara Colglazier, Sarah Dennis, Scott Stangroom, Shannon Burke, Tara Barnett, Victoria Anderson, Virginia Martin, Winter White


Discussion items

0:00HousekeepingDung-Lan Chen
  • Reminder - Implementer’s list for posting Acquisitions related topics for discussion
    • Remember there is an implementers topic list where you can post discussion topics you would like to see discussed
    • From Kristin Martin to Everyone 08:04 AM
      Maybe for Tuesday's meeting, can we talk about the migration challenges between Orders and Inventory? Hot off the slack channel presses.
 :02 PC UpdatesKristin Martin 
:03Video tutorials groupDung-Lan Chen
  • Video tutorials group – additional participants needed to help identify a list of short tutorial videos of key acquisitions functions. Your time and efforts spent could make a difference to countless many others who will maneuver in Folio Acquisitions later!
  • From Owen Stephens to Everyone 08:13 AM
    I’m very happy to be involved from an ERM perspective if I can help, but I suspect in this first stage I’m not the right person (as the PO rather than the user!)
    • This group is not to make the video's, just identify which ones should be made. 
    • Owen: Martina has talked to him from the ERM perspective. Is there a link between this and the written documentation? A challenge is even small changes make a big difference. How would this be kept up to date and in sync with the software? 
    • Dennis: At this point the goal is to come up with a list of important video topics. Then take that list to the documentation group and see how to coordinate this with the written documentation.  A number of library's in our group have said they made video's for their staff. 
    • Owen: Is it work flow, or very specific task? There is a gap in between there is a button that does c task, vs what is the workflow for using that button. 
    • Dennis: We want this group to have discussions on that.  General idea is short videos to make it easier to use folio in Acquisitions. 
  • Idea was brought forth by a group of product owners
  • Sara - Documentation is not always clear. It will say x button does y. But user has no idea what the interaction is.  Would like a video that spells out if you do x, here is how it interacts with other information. 
  • From Bill Verner to Everyone 08:21 AM
    One value to seeing another institution's workflow in FOLIO is that, for many of us, our workflows will have to change dramatically to accommodate FOLIO functionality.
  • From Jackie Magagnosc to Everyone 08:21 AM
    It's not just additional detail and context. Not everyone learns well from traditional documentation; videos will help address different learning styles.
  • From Scott Stangroom to Everyone 08:22 AM
    No reason both can’t be done - workflow to do a thing, and connected to that workflow would be another video that describes the fields used in the dropdown(s) related to the workflow to do a thing
  • Discussion on if we should combine SIG's to work on together. 
  • Martina will inform the ERM Group to see if anyone wants to be involved and have a combined group. Maybe work separately but also work together. 
  • Sara:  What about MM? There is a connection there too. 
  • Martina: The SIG convener meeting can bring this up Monday as well as in the app interaction sig.


Continue to discuss "Ability to change the instance connection of a purchase order line" which started in the last meeting on 3/22/22

  • Decided to add an 'Action' button to the menu to make the work flow easier
  • Dennis talked through the new option
  • From Dung-Lan Chen to Everyone 08:42 AM
    Dennis, Is this before or after the PO is opened?
  • From Sara Colglazier (MHC/5C) to Everyone 08:42 AM
    Or, closed even?
    • And if you keep the Holdings record and move it with the items, then all info (like notes etc) will be maintained, correct?
  • Julie: How are items related to the po? Those things received against the po? Can you define the relationship?
    • The pol relates to an instance. the pol generally is the one that has pieces. If you have pieces, they may be related to item records. Those are the only item records being moved in this operation.  The use case was the purchase order line was connected to the wrong instance. so that is what is being moved.
  • Dennis: The workflow is only for open or closed, or orders that have been opened and now unopened. 
  • Group response: everyone likes this function.

Action items