2022-11-29 Acquisitions Meeting notes



  • Alissa Hafele, Ann Crowley, Carol Sterenberg, Dennis Bridges, Dung-Lan Chen, Dwayne Swigert, Emily Robertson, Heather McMillan, Jackie Magagnosc, Jean Pajerek, Joanna Cerro, Julie Brannon, Julie Stauffer, Kathleen Norton, Kimberly Wiljanen, Linh Chang, Lisa Maybury, Lisa Smith, Mark Arnold, Martina Schildt, Mary Moran, Masayo Uchiyama, Molly Driscoll, Nancy Pelis, Nina Stellmann, Okay Okonkwo, Peter Sbrzesny, Robert Heaton, Sara Colglazier, Scott Perry, Shannon Burke, Steven Selleck, Suzette Caneda, Sven Thomsen, Tara Barnett, Victoria Anderson, Winter White


  • Housekeeping -

    • Reminder - next scheduled meeting is this Friday, Dec. 2, at 9 am Eastern

    Business -

    • Discuss how long after an exporting orders via EDIFACT people would generally need to download that exact EDIFACT file (1 day, 3 days, 1 week, 1 month)?  If you needed to rely on getting the file from FTP after 7 days would you choose not to use the EDIFACT order export?
    • Discuss Implementers' Topics #55 and continues (Julie Brannon (old account) )

Discussion items

  • We have discussed the ability to export EDI orders. 
    • In Export manager
    • Export edi files to various organizations
    • What has been added for Nolana, is the ability to download the file. 
      • However, after 7 days the ability to download disappears. 
      • you can resend the the exact file, and refresh to get the files back. No additional orders. 
    • In original conversation, the purpose of this was to assist with trouble shooting because you may need to come back to the file to verify information. 
    • Question from Dennis- what is a reasonable time frame? Are you generally trouble shooting within a day, week, month..... 
      • From Julie Stauffer to Everyone 12:12 PM
        Demo was fine - it isn't my area of expertise
      • From Julie Brannon (she/her) to Everyone 12:12 PM
        Not asleep!  Duke doesn't currently use EDIFACT, so I don't have any input...
      • From Sara Colglazier (MHC/5C) to Everyone 12:12 PM
        Only for Invoice loading.
      • From Steve Selleck to Everyone 12:13 PM
        We will try to resend within a day and troubleshoot shortly after, if still not successful.
      • From Scott Perry to Everyone 12:13 PM
        • Only for invoice loading in the past.  Haven't set it up in FOLIO yet.
      • Peter Sbrzesny: 
        •  Usually immediately ,but there are times it will be a while after. 
      • From Lisa Smith, Mich State to Everyone 12:15 PM
        +1 Peter
    • Dennis: As long as it sent successfully, you can get a copy of it from FTP. It is worth it to fix this, but it may not be done for Nolana. 
    • From Julie Brannon (she/her) to Everyone 12:16 PM
      ...to clarify...same for Duke as Sara and Scott above - we use EDIFACT for invoice loading, but not for sending orders...
    • Dennis: It's only related to folio storing these files. 
  • Put on list by Julie Brannon
  • Invoices > Voucher export: We've noticed that the invoice payment method is missing from the voucher extract file output.  Until the feature requested in #24 above is implemented (control export to accounting behavior based on payment method), we need a way to prevent credit card payment method invoices from being sent to our university Accounts Payable system.  The user might forget to uncheck the export to accounting checkbox and we need a way to filter out those records as we extract/transform/load the FOLIO export file to our AP system.  
  • Looks like a JIRA exists for this request: MODINVOSTO-141 - Add field "Payment method" into batch voucher schemas IN REFINEMENT "Add field 'Payment method' into batch voucher schemas."
  • From Sara Colglazier (MHC/5C) to Everyone 12:29 PM
    It would be sooo great to have Invoice Templates!
    +1 to Julie!
  • From Peter Sbrzesny to Everyone 12:29 PM
    +1 to Julie
  • From Ann Crowley to Everyone 12:30 PM
  • Dennis: Two different things happening here. 
    • Putting payment method in the actual voucher export
    • Also some sort of customization for the export to accounting behavior based on the payment method.
  • From Molly Driscoll to Everyone 12:32 PM
    Here is the Jira for invoice templates, if helpful: UXPROD-2374 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • From Lisa Smith, Mich State to Everyone 12:32 PM
    Or Amazon - some are check payments and some are credit card payments
  • From Dung-Lan Chen to Everyone 12:33 PM
    Scott, you are on next.
:35Implementers Topics # 56
  • Display vendor invoice # on invoice line
  • Invoices > Invoice line:  The screenshot below shows the detail pane for an invoice line.  We've noticed that the vendor invoice number isn't displayed anywhere on this screen and it would be helpful for the user to know which vendor invoice they're reviewing (especially if they get distracted by another task and then return to their FOLIO work).  
  • There is a lot of agreement to change this. 
  • Sara brings up she'd like to be able to see who the vendor is. 
  • From Molly Driscoll to Everyone 12:42 PM
    Agree, Sara, the vendor should cascade to material supplier/access provider in the physical/electronic details accordion, but that can be changed to a different value if desired.
  • From Lisa Smith, Mich State to Everyone 12:43 PM
    Could the vendor be added to the header, by the POL #?
:46Implementers Topics # 57
  • Finance: Currency setting for fund
  • The Finance > Fund displays a currency value which isn't editable during fund creation and is set to the primary currency set in Settings > Tenant > Language and localisation.  Do any institutions need to have some funds designated as a different currency than the tenant?  I'm thinking through how to handle funds for Duke's campus in China and they would likely prefer to set up their funds with ¥/CNY/yuan as the basis rather than $USD.
  • Update 8/17/22: Duke's campus in China will operate using their own instance of FOLIO, so this question is no longer relevant for Duke.
  • Dennis: When you create a FY, you can set the currency. 
  • Dennis: Are there any other places that have campuses operating in different currencies? 
    • No answer
54:Implementers Topics # 59
  • Orders: Link to existing holding and item
  • Add ability to link an order with an existing item (not only with an instance).
  • When material is purchased and the user creates a POL, holdings and items can be created in Inventory. But there are workflows - when working with a third party system for cataloguing -, where on order items are imported to Inventory. Those items cannot be linked to orders currently, the user can only create a link between order and instance. As a user, I need to indicate which item I have ordered. And what would happen if the item is moved in this scenario?

Action items