2022-05-20 Acquisitions Meeting notes



Alissa Hafele, Ann Crowley, Bethany Blankemeyer, Dennis Bridges, Dung-Lan Chen, Heather McMillan, Jean Pajerek, Julie Brannon, Kimberly Pamplin, Kimberly Wiljanen, Kristin Martin, Linh Chang, Lisa Maybury, Lisa Smith, Lloyd Chittenden, Lucinda Williams, Martina Karlsson, Okay Okonkwo, Peter Sbrzesny, Sara Colglazier, Sarah Dennis, Scott Perry, Tara Barnett, Victoria Anderson, Virginia Martin, Winter White


Discussion items

PC UpdatesKristin
 :09Implementers topic # 39 Organizations: Add field for contact person on contact information Dennis

 Acquisitions/Resource Management implementers

  • Add a field for the mail address of a direct contact person to the cards in the accordion "contact information". If I need to contact an organization on e.g. shipments I rarely use general mail addresses but rather direct contact people.
  • It was originally thought that the name for a contact person would be found in the customer service accordion. Is anyone else having this set up an issue?
    • Peter: There can be more than one contact concerning several accounts  of several things partners have to do. Would like to add different email addresses. 
    • From Sarah Dennis to Everyone 08:14 AM
      +1 Peter

Implementers topic # 40 

Organizations: Add "Name" field on contact information

  • This is somewhat related to issue #39 above.  When migrating our vendor address information from our current system we noticed that there isn't a data element on the contact information address for the "name."  We've mapped the various address names to the alternate/alias name in FOLIO just to store them somewhere.  Similar to #39 above, we need to store the first line of the address (the name) since it is usually more specific or slightly different than the organization name we store in FOLIO and isn't necessarily the same for shipments vs. payment vs. claims.
  • From Lisa Smith to Everyone 08:16 AM
    The organization name is the first line of the address, right?
    • Julie: Coming from their ILS, there are multiple addresses. 
  • Discussion on needing more fields/room for information in the organization app. 
  • Julie Brannon  8:23 AM

    @Dennis Bridges Here's a screenshot of an example vendor address record in our current system (Aleph)
  • From Kristin Martin (University of Chicago; she/her) to Everyone 08:25 AM
    We also loaded contacts with NO NAME to get a general email into contacts.
  • From Lisa Smith to Everyone 08:28 AM
    We have been adding more than 1 organization record for some organizations.  (In our case, not for additional addresses or names, but to separate 'output to accounting' transactions from do not 'out to accounting.')

Implementers topic # 41

Renewal date and Renewal interval - why required?

Orders:  For ongoing orders, when the subscription checkbox is on, the Renewal date and Renewal interval are required - why?  This topic was addressed as #8 on this list and discussed at the 2021-05-21 meeting with notes that these fields were being looked at and wouldn't be required in the future.  We can't find the associated JIRA and wondered when that update is expected?

Mod order 682

Being done for Morning Glory


Implementers topic # 41

Invoices: Create invoice line field label consistency

  • Invoices: If the user creates a New invoice line, the Create vendor invoice line screen opens (see screenshot below).  In the "Add adjustment" section, The field label "Amount" seems inconsistent with other fields in FOLIO labeled "Value" that allow the user to toggle between % and $.  Could we consider changing the "Amount" field label to "Value" to be consistent?
  • Dennis: The label should be consistent.  Valid point, there is a story created for it.

Discuss use cases for allowing user to export pieces from receiving

  •  allowing user to export pieces from receiving
  • Virginia: The bigger picture here is about serials management, claiming, binding.... Would a broader conversation about how folio can support serials. 
    • From Lisa Smith to Everyone 08:42 AM
      +1 Virginia
  • Dennis: It's worthwhile to add this here, but there are more requirements to manage serials that need to be addressed. This only touches on that. 
  • Sara C: I support what Virginia said. Everything in folio has been focused on monographs. Serials are the hard ones and what we need the system to support.  In the receiving app, just pulling the issues received is useless without the call number, location.... other information. 
  • From Lisa Smith to Everyone 08:51 AM
    How would synchronized or independent receiving affect this?
    • If it made a difference which type of order this is related to, then you would want to filter by that.  Or if you only wanted to print orders related to a separate work flow... you'd need to filter. But the pieces are all the same. 
  • Sara: A nice thing would be a toggle box that indicates these are pieces that get bound.

Action items