2022-03-08 Acquisitions Meeting notes



Alissa Hafele, Ann Crowley, Ann-Marie Breaux, Bethany Blankemeyer, Bill Verner, Dennis Bridges, Dung-Lan Chen, Dwayne Swigert, Emily Robertson, Jackie Magagnosc, Janet Ewing, Jean Pajerek, Joanna Cerro, Julie Brannon, Julie Stauffer, Kathleen Norton, Kimberly Pamplin, Kimberly Wiljanen, Kristin Martin, Linh Chang, Lloyd, Imwillia, Mark Arnold, Martina Schildt, Mary Moran, Masayo Uchiyama, Michael Phillips, Nancy Finn, Nancy Pelis, Okay Okonkwo, Peter Sbrzesny, Sara Colglazier, Sarah Dennis, Scott Perry, Shannon Burke, Steve Selleck, Suzanne Mangrum, Suzette Caneda, Tatjana Clemens, Victoria Anderson, Winter White, Zeynep Buyukonal


Housekeeping –

  • Reminder - we’ll meeting this Friday, March 11

Business –

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Discussion items

1 min. afterHousekeepingDung-Lan
  • Meeting this Friday, 3/11
  • Guest from Germany will talk to us about staff slips.
  • Agenda will be posted as soon as finalized.
3 min. afterAllow User to Preview Batch Voucher Export DetailsDennis
  • Access outside of system settings where you can run exports and review previous exports. Also ability to download.
  • Allow User to Preview Batch Voucher Export Details
  • Example screenshots through Miro:
    • Possible to move into Export manager, but based on use-case seems like it would make sense to have access through Invoices app.
    • Click actions menu above result list.
    • Will take you to full screen view where you will select which batch group.
    • Would see all previous exports and have ability to run manual export.
  • Would you still want to be able to see invoices while doing this? (Use of modal)
    • No response.
  • From Bethany Blankemeyer to Everyone 12:09 PM
    We don't do exports to AP in our department so I can't speak to this workflow.
  • From Julie Brannon (she/her) to Everyone 12:09 PM
    Accessing this from the Action menu within Invoices makes more sense than doing it from Settings
10 min. after

Searching Invoices by Amount

  • Would it make more sense to have a range filter for amount when searching invoices?
  • Use case: Have invoice in hand with specific amount and want to search $120.20, etc. Will return all invoices with this amount.
  • When searching like this, is there a use case where you are trying to find an invoice where the total in FOLIO may not be correct?
    • From Scott Perry to Everyone 12:13 PM
      Or I want to see all invoices over some amount
    • From Lloyd (Marmot Library Network) to Everyone 12:13 PM
      Seems like wildcards would be useful
    • From Kimberly Wiljanen to Everyone 12:13 PM
      It's possible that you might know the amount but not the invoice #
~17 min. afterFiltering by fund code (Implementer's Topic # 29)Dennis
  • Discussion transitioned from previous topic.
  • From Ann Crowley to Everyone 12:15 PM
    I don't usually search by amount often, but would find it helpful to search by fund
    • From Julie Brannon (she/her) to Everyone 12:15 PM
      +1 Ann - That's listed on the Implementers Wiki page as #29 (a filter by fund code)
    • From Peter Sbrzesny to Everyone 12:17 PM
      A filter by fund code would be very useful
  • Also interest in filtering by expense class.
  • From Scott Perry to Everyone 12:19 PM
    Yes to expense class as well
  • From Bill Verner to Everyone 12:19 PM
    filtering by fund code would be, in my opinion, much more useful than being able to search by amount
21 min. afterImplementer's Topics # 28: Invoices and Receiving: Display vendor code
  • Would like to see vendor code in these apps.
    • From Bethany Blankemeyer to Everyone 12:23 PM
      Thank you, Julie. Vendor code is MUCH more important to us at Duke.
    • From Sara Colglazier (MHC/5C) to Everyone 12:23 PM
      + about Code--really important
    • From Bethany Blankemeyer to Everyone 12:24 PM
      Everywhere vendor name is, we would like vendor code as well
    • From Kimberly Wiljanen to Everyone 12:24 PM
      We have many subaccounts with individual companies and we treat them differently
    • From Bill Verner to Everyone 12:25 PM
      absolutely would prefer the code before the name
  • Vendors will change their names, but don't always change code. 
    • For continuity, helpful to see the code.
  • ~ 28 min. Discussion about modal vs. filterable select list. 
    • Would be great if you could type in some letters of a code.
    • Something like what is used for Fund ID. (List format)
      • List can be large and browsing is not great.
      • Will not have filter options.
    • Sara: Having more information seems crucial for vendor. More complex than fund codes.
    • From Julie Brannon (she/her) to Everyone 12:33 PM
      Ideally, the user would have the ability to either type in the code (with the smart drop down) OR do a full-scale lookup.  Can't we have it all? :)
    • Can vendor name at the top be made a bit darker/more noticeable?
  • Consensus that code should be displayed alongside name.
  • ~38 min. Discussion about code search. 
    • Can search modal by vendor code.
    • Talk at one point about if there was one search returned if it should automatically be selected.
      • This is not widely implemented
    • From Sara Colglazier (MHC/5C) to Everyone 12:41 PM
      I would not like that automatic population ... if I type something slightly wrong and then an UMass Vendor gets selected and I do not realize it ... not good

In Agreements the 3rd pane opens automatically if only one result gets returned, but is different than something getting selected as an input

  • Discrepancy: filter label in Invoices is "vendor name" where orders app filter label is "vendor." 
44 min. afterImplementer's Topics # 30: Organizations: Add "note" column to Contact People accordionDennis
  • Add note from contact record as a column in the detail pane.
  • Trying to save clicks by displaying information in result list.
47 min. afterImplementer's Topics # 31: Organizations: Make URI/URL link clickable in the interfacesDennis
  • Already changed for interface, contact details, etc. - Part of Lotus release.
  • Would be useful in other apps as well, is this only in Organizations or is it across FOLIO?
    • Believe it is specific to Organizations app.
    • Each app would need to implement if desired.
51 min. afterImplementer's Topics # 32: Invoices: Lock total checkboxDennis
  • Would like to default lock total as on.
  • Can choose in field mapping profile whether it is checked for EDIFACT invoices.
  • From Scott Perry to Everyone 12:55 PM
    I'd rather have a machine confirm the totals than rely on someone reading.
  • Consensus to default to true.
  • If possible might be helpful to have this configurable in Settings.

Action items