2022-03-11 Acquisitions Meeting notes



Ann Crowley, Dennis Bridges, Dung-Lan Chen, Emily Robertson, Eric Hartnett, Jackie Magagnosc, Jean Pajerek, Julie Bickle, Julie Brannon, Julie Stauffer, Kimberly Pamplin, Kimberly Wiljanen, Kristin Martin, Linh Chang, Lloyd, Martina Tumulla, Owen Stephens, Okay Okonkwo, Peter Sbrzesny, Sabrina Bayer, Sara Colglazier, Sarah Dennis, Scott Perry, Victoria Anderson, Winter White 


Housekeeping -

PC Updates (Kristin Martin)

Business/Implementer’s Topics

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Discussion items

1 min. afterHousekeepingDung-Lan
3 min. afterProduct Council UpdatesKristin
  • Only one meeting between last time.
  • FOLIO Roadmap
    • Linked all of the themes to specific JIRA issues and development.
    • Meeting coming up with POs to see how accurate things are and that development work is represented. Also to adjust timeframes if needed.
    • Can start at high level in table and drill down to specific issues.
  • BugFest for Lotus

9 min. after

Staff Slips

Julie Bickle
  • Julie Bickle, PO of Patron Notice and Staff Slips
  • Explanation of Staff Slips (~11 min. after)
    • So far associated with Circulation
    • Four staff slips that are hardcoded
  • Three staff slips generated at check in:
    • Transit Slip demo (~13 min. after)
      • Done when item is checked in
      • Returned item to a service point and item needs to be transited back to its original home.
      • All slips include tokens (fields in FOLIO); will not all necessarily get populated
    • Hold Slip (~ 17 min. after)
      • Happens when an item is checked out and another patron wants it reserved when the item is checked back in.
      • Same as transit slip, happens when the item is checked in.
    • Request Delivery Slip (~19 min after)
      • Very simlilar to hold slip; in addition patron has made request that it be delivered to a particular location (one of the addresses listed in the user profile)
      • Also occurs when item is checked in.
    • Questions (~21 min. after)
      • This is just generating the paper part, how do we create what needs to happen so this is set up?
        • Two things to think about:
          • What triggers the generation of this slip? (In Circulation it's the check in; an event)
          • Which fields would you populate?
        • How do I cause the trigger?
        • Hold Slip Demonstration (~26 min. after)
          • Check out an item
          • Request > New
            • FOLIO knows item is checked out. Gives options to Hold item or Recall depending on Circulation rules.
            • Set Hold.
            • Place request for a particular person ("Requester Information")
          • Now if item is checked in, FOLIO will create hold request
          • Only get hold slip if there was a request on the item. (Predefined criteria for generating each of the slips.)
      • Can't add, remove, change slips at present.
      • Editing hold slip (~31 min. after) 
      • Generate a printable "Workslip" from order details
      • For acq: Might have tokens from PO or Piece 
  • One staff slip genereated in request app: 
    • Pick Slip (~ 34 min. after)
      • Not created in check in, but in the request app.

      • May want such a drop-down? 
      • Pages/pick slips that are awaiting delivery.
      • Book is available on the shelf, go fetch it.
      • Search for item. If available, automatically get a "Page" request. Cannot put on hold.
        • Place request for a particular person.
        • Still have hold shelf (where it would be picked up).
        • Once you click "Print pick slips for Circ Desk 1" etc., it will print out all slips for items that need to be picked up.
  • Two kinds of triggers: checking something in vs. drop-down.
  • What could be triggers in acquisitions? (~38 min. after)
    • Receiving app
    • Select title
    • A couple of ways to receive:
      • Can click a piece in the table, then "Quick receive" - does not involve barcode
      • Receive button at top of table - can add barcode here
    • May be appropriate to generate a work slip at point of receipt.
  • Could this offer functionality needed? (~41 min. after)
    • If request not empty, have a trigger to generate a slip to go with the thing. Might actually want to see the hold / request delivery slip here.
    • Acquiring item based on a request. 
    • Request column populated based on whether there is a request. 
    • Combination of request / rush when receiving.
    • From Julie Stauffer to Everyone 08:42 AM
      I can also see using workslips for other activities that have nothing to do with patron requests
    • Demonstration by Kristin in receiving (~44 min. after)
      • Receive item
      • Enter barcode
      • Ideal place to get workslip:

    • Ideally is this different than the hold slip? 
    • From Dung-Lan Chen to Everyone 08:46 AM
      We enter notes in "Receiving notes" to convey RUSH, Cataloging notes, Notify xxx, etc.  If there is someone to be notified, we entered a request in the item record in Inventory to trigger the electronic notice when item is checked in in Check in app.
    • From Sara Colglazier (MHC/5C) to Everyone 08:48 AM
      I think the same slips are fine. We do not need extra special ones.
    • Helpful for staff who do receiving for something to kick up and print at point of receipt. 
  • What module is generating the slips?
    • When the event is triggered, FOLIO generates an object called the context.
    • Apparently it is the UI module that does that work in check in, at least for those that are generated in check in.
    • So maybe the slips aren't actually stored anywhere?
      • Don't think so.
  • Take a look at the staff slip templates.
    • Template engine does not do color-coding.
    • What kind of tokens would you like?
    • When is the trigger event? (Will also determine what tokens you can have.)
  • Will continue discussion on Tuesday. Also will plan to talk about exporting fund and budget information. Revisit and clarify.

Action items