How to generate staff slips

!! For the requests, a different patron must be used than for the check out; indicated in italic.

Hold:  START |  Check out item  →  Hold request  →  Check in item  →  Click Close to print Hold slip.  | END

Pick slip:  START |  Page request  →  In the Request app: "Print pick slips for [Service point]", making sure that your service point = the primary service point for the item's effective location.  | END

Request delivery: 

  • Test patron must have the Delivery option selected + at least one delivery address:

START |  Check out item  →  Hold request with Fullfillment preference = Delivery  →  Check item in  →  Click Close to print Delivery slip.  | END

Transit:  START |  Check out item  →  Check in item at a service point, tied to a location that is different to the item's effective location  →  Click Close to print Transit slip.  | END