FOLIO Reporting Options

FOLIO Libraries have a variety of options available for reporting on their data. 

NameLinksDescriptionBest way to ask questions
In-app reportsapp-specific documentation may cover in-app reporting features: apps may include specific reporting functionalityContact the related SIG and developer groups for the app in question
API requests users can be granted permissions to access FOLIO data via API requestsContact the related SIG and developer groups for the app in question
FOLIO Analytics

A repository of reports and other analytics developed for FOLIO by the FOLIO Reporting SIG and based on the requirements of FOLIO partner libraries.

Queries are designed to run on LDP/Metadb, an open source platform for analytics and an OLF-member project, and its development has included input from the FOLIO reporting community.

See the FOLIO Forum discussion of reporting in February 2021 for an introduction.

LDP is documented on GitHub:

The next-generation of LDP is the Metadb analytics platform and is documented at:

The FOLIO Reporting SIG provides support for FOLIO reporting and data analytics through Slack channels and discussion forums on GitHub. 

For general questions, connect with the community by joining the Metadb Slack space and adding yourself to channels related to FOLIO reporting. You can also submit general questions via the Discussions board on our FOLIO Analytics repository. To make requests for new queries or query repository features, submit an issue for the FOLIO Analytics GitHub repository.

LDLite lightweight, open source reporting tool for Okapi-based services. It is part of the OLF-member project Library Data Platform and provides basic LDP functions without requiring the server to be installed.Report bugs at Issues. Ask questions via the discussions board.
ByWater Solutions' FOLIO-Reporting non-LDP reporting solution for FOLIO.

Ask in Slack in reporting-general or reach out to Ian Walls with ByWater


Panorama is a modern library analytics platform combining different library and campus data sets to enable insights that were not possible until now. The platform features visualization tools and a central dashboard to collect, manipulate and display data about the library and the users it serves.

Note: this is not an open-source software project. Access to Panorama requires hosting services from EBSCO.

Ask in reporting-general or reach out to an EBSCO representative in the community.
Pokapi simple Python object-oriented interface for getting records from FOLIO via the OKAPI API. Suitable for writing Python applications that need to look up basic metadata (e.g., title, author, year, publisher) using barcodes, instance record id's, or accession numbers.Report bugs or make requests using the issue tracker.

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