Frequently Asked Questions about Reporting

What is the difference between "LDP" and "In-App" reports?

A report in FOLIO is categorized as either an "LDP report" or an "in-app report".

An in-app report is typically an ILS function in the day-to-day operation of the library that has traditionally been implemented using an ILS reporting system.

An LDP report is based on the Library Data Platform (LDP) which is being developed as a deployable software platform and data warehouse for FOLIO that offers forward-looking analytics capabilities to support strategic decisions of the library.

For more information, see "LDP vs. In-App Reporting".

Reporting-Related Support

The Reporting SIG provides support for FOLIO reporting and data analytics through Slack channels and discussion forums on GitHub.

General Questions

For general questions, contact us by joining the FOLIO Slack space and adding yourself to channels related to reporting. You can also submit general questions via the Discussions boards on our GitHub repositories (Discussions for FOLIO Analytics, Discussions for LDP).


To make requests for new queries or query repository features, submit an issue for the FOLIO Analytics GitHub repository. To make requests for new LDP software features, submit an issue for the LDP GitHub repository.

Local Support

Contact your local FOLIO Reporting SIG representative for additional questions or for more information on support.