2022-06-14 Acquisitions Meeting notes



Ann Crowley, Ann-Marie Breaux, Dennis Bridges, Dung-Lan Chen, Dwayne Swigert, Emily Robertson, Heather McMillan, Jackie Magagnosc, Jean Pajerek, Julie Brannon, Julie Stauffer, Kristin Martin, Linh Chang, Lisa Smith,  Lloyd, Lucinda Williams, Martina Schildt, Masayo Uchiyama, Michael Philips, Okay Okonkwo, Peter Sbrzesny, Rachel Sneed, Sara C, Scott Perry, Shannon Burke, Steve Selleck, Suzette Caneda, Sven Thomsen, Tara Barnett, Victoria Anderson, Winter White


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Discussion items

  • Housekeeping -

    • Reminder - WOLFcon 2022 (Wednesday, August 31- Friday, Sept. 2)

WOLFcon 2022 planning updates/Q&A  (Martina Schildt)

  • https://openlibraryfoundation.org/about/wolfcon/upcoming/
  • https://folio-org.atlassian.net/wiki/display/ACQ/WolfCon+2022+Acq+SIG+brainstorming 
  • Total registered as of June 12, 101, 75 in person
  • Online only viewers will only be able to see the sessions in the larger rooms
  • WolfCon = World Open Library Foundation
  • Who will be in person: 
    • Martina Schildt
    • Kristin Martin
    • Heather McMillan
    • Peter Sbrzesny
    • John Ballestro
  • There is an afternoon slot that will allow for more virtual attendance for those in the US. 
  • From Martina Schildt | VZG to Everyone 12:16 PM
    The ACQ slot would be Thursday at 9:30 am ET, Sep 1st
  • Will cancel the acq meeting on Tuesday, August 30th. 
  • Will do a poll of topics from the brainstorming session to see what people are interested in 
:22Allow user to generate requests from Order line


  • If you are creating a request from an order, are there situations where it's actually very important that it's the specific item that your ordering going to the user? 
    • Martina: For her, not usually
    • Sara:  For 5 colleges: If a prof wants it, and they don't want to take another library's copy for the whole semester. 
    • From Kristin Martin to Everyone 12:25 PM
      Like a patron request?
      Are you trying to distinguish between item-level requests and title-level requests?
    • From Ann-Marie Breaux to Everyone 12:30 PM
      Title level holds are coming. Was not released in Lotus, but I believe it's being released in MG
    • From Sara C  to Everyone 12:36 PM
      Yes, both options would be great! 
    • From Lloyd (Marmot Library Network) to Everyone 12:37 PM
      If I had to pick one, title level first.
    • From Kristin Martin to Everyone 12:37 PM
      But what happens if it's the only item?
  • Do you ever have multiple requesters for a particular order?
    • Martina: From her experience, it happens, but not often
    • Dung Lan: Happens occasionally
    • From Lisa Smith to Everyone 12:47 PM
      Yes, we sometimes have multiple notifies for a single order; it doesn't happen often.
  • What we are talking about here is a hold request.. ? Just want to confirm that is the type of request. No other type would be wanted when placing a request,  
    • Ann-Marie: Holds are the only one that is applicable 
    • Holds, Pages, and recall are the only three types of requests
    • Dung- Lan: Sometimes the requester wants to be notified it's available but do not want it held. 
    • From Sara C  to Everyone 01:00 PM
      I know Smith does this now, and we would like do it as well ...
  • Dennis: 
    • Types of requests, only concerned with hold
    • If we are going to have a default, it will be a title level request with the user having the ability that they want it put on hold. Ability to say the particular item being ordered is to be held for a specific person/use. 
    • Do not need a request to have the ability to have multiple requesters. 
    • Comment on wiki page or slack
    • From Dennis Bridges to Everyone 01:04 PM
      Allow User to generate requests from Order line 
    • Dennis will be away Friday
    • Ann-Marie: Want me to start a conversation about importing MARC items?
    • Dennis: Yes

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