2022-11-01 Acquisitions Meeting notes




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  • Demos by Dennis for Morning Glory and Nolana

Discussion items


Morning Glory Highlights

  • Lots of work going into bugfixes and enhancements
  • Ramping up automated testing and leveraging manual QA testers
  • User experience
    • Voucher export has been pulled out of Settings and can now be initiated from the Invoices app; associated with different permissions now to separate configuration and operations
    • Ability to change the instance connection on a POL; also deal with how the associated holdings/items should be treated or moved
      • If there is only a holdings record, you can opt to delete it.
    • Ability to create a new order from an instance record
      • Major workflow upgrade, especially for those using single record import
      • Can create a new PO or add the instance as a new POL to an existing order
      • Usage of order templates will further streamline this process
      • Instance-related fields will be locked for editing on the POL (prevents disconnection from the instance record where the workflow started)
    • Integrations
      • Additional mappings available for the GOBI integration
        • More data points from the FOLIO PO/POL that can receive data values from GOBI
        • Acquisitions units are included – can leverage the sub-account number or map from a local field
      • Ability to cancel orders through EBSCONET
        • Configures EBSCONET to send non-renewal info to the POL and cancel the POL as a result
        • Created a ‘Cancel’ action in the UI and new permissions as well
        • Cancel available on the PO and PO level
        • Releases encumbrance
      • New features
        • Cancelling POs and POLs (see above)
        • Export invoice data to CSV
          • Contains data points from the invoice, vouchers, orders
          • Selectable fields
        • Export fund/budget data to CSV
          • Initiated from the ledger
          • Choose the FY
          • Choose which expense classes (if any)
          • Contains data from ledger, group, fund, budget, expense classes
        • Export piece data to CSV
          • Receiving result list
          • Selectable fields
          • Contains data from receiving title, orders, and piece
        • Questions

Dennis to make a story for further discussion

Nolana Highlights
  • Manual QA testing has helped proactively uncover bugs much earlier in the process
  • Allow user to download or resend EDIFACT order exports
    • Initiated from Export manager
    • It is the exact file that was originally created
    • Resend sends it to the FTP site again
    • Requires the storage of the records
    • Includes export history for each POL
  • FYRO preview
    • Allows testing of fiscal year rollover
    • Initiated from each ledger; can be run multiple times
    • Does not impact live data
    • Identifies unpaid invoices to export
    • Significant performance improvements to FYRO
    • Email notification when the email is done
    • Rollover logs available from ledger – includes both test and actual rollovers – stored for at least one FY
  • GOBI integration user interface
    • Affords greater transparency into GOBI mappings for order integration
    • Allows library staff to add/edit FOLIO side mappings
    • Allows for resetting to defaults if needed
  • Create invoice automatically from purchase order
    • New action from PO to create an invoice
    • Inherits vendor information from PO
    • Adds POLs on the PO as invoice lines
    • Multi-line POs allow for reordering of invoice lines
  • Non-functional requirements
    • Dennis explained the functional automated testing the team has been working on
    • Emphasized the importance of Bugfest participation, but FOLIO has additional help in this regard
  • Questions
    • Dung-Lan clarified that FYRO preview is still by individual ledger, not all at once
    • Dung-Lan asked about how to create an invoice when multiple POs are referenced
      • Dennis said the first PO could be initiated from Orders, then continue in the Invoices app as before
    • Dennis reiterated that the earlier the feedback, the better in terms of resolution for Nolana or planned enhancements for a future release
    • Bugfest starts on Monday, 11/7 – Dung-Lan proposed dedicating a meeting to Bugfest testing as in the past

Action items