2022-02-15 Acquisitions Meeting notes



Alissa Hafele

Lloyd (Marmot Library Network)
Ann CrowleyMark Arnold
Ann-Marie BreauxMartina Schildt
Bethany BlankemeyerMary Moran
Bill VernerMichael Phillips
Bob ScheierNancy Pelis
Dennis BridgesOkay Okonkwo
Dung-Lan ChenPeter Sbrzesny
Dwayne SwigertSabrina Bayer
Jackie MagagnoscSara Colglazier
Jean PajerekScott Perry
Joana CerroScott Stangroom
Julie BrannonShannon Burke
Julie StaufferSteve Selleck
Kathleen NortonSuzette Caneda
Kimberly PamplinTatjana Clemens
Kimberly WiljanenVictoria Anderson
Kristin MartinVirginia Martin
Linh ChangWinter M White
Lisa G SmithZeynep Buyukonal
Lisa Maybury


  • Housekeeping -

    • Friday meetings schedule update
    • Cancel Tuesday March 1 meeting?! (Dennis is away that week)

    Business -

Discussion items

12:01 PMHousekeepingDung-Lan
  • Friday meetings shifted to following Friday for the foreseeable future.
  • Next Friday meeting is the 25th of Feb.
  • Dennis is away the week of Feb. 28th. Will not meet Tues., Mar. 1. 
12:04 PMImplementers Topics # 23: Generating Vouchers Dennis
  • Acquisitions/Resource Management implementers
  • Settings > Invoices > Vouchers
  • Seems out of place to have users navigate here to run process. Also, may give access to permissions outside of their role.
  • Scott: Data in Voucher lacking Invoice Date
  • Sara: For 5 Colleges, each institution will need to do this. Problem that it is in settings because will have a large number of people that you will need to allow in settings for this. 
  • Julie: Feels like it belongs more in an action menu than in settings.
  • Dennis: At the time did not have any patterns for this, but it seems like now that we have a menu for different applications could go there. Maybe some argument that this should be part of export manager. Definitely can see why it is awkward to have in Settings. Some things put there because there was no better place and probably should be moved. 
  • From Scott Perry to Everyone 12:11 PM
    As to question 2, why is it FTP rather than sFTP?
  • From Julie Brannon (she/her) to Everyone 12:20 PM
    @scott - here's the JIRA to extend to STFP I think - looks like Morning Glory UXPROD-2843 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • This is regarding running export not setup. 
  • Person running export would need to see what has been run and able to download exports. 
  • Would be possible to require user to have specific permissions to manage batch group configuration.
  • Of all of the things in this area of configuration, what does the person running the export need to see?
  • Is the problem that you have to give them access to the other areas of settings or is there also a problem on the Batch group configuration page?
    • Sara: At our institution, the person who is going to run the vouchers or transfer to AP will also have permissions to be in inventory, check out, etc. Need to be able to see all the vouchers, account for them, know that this batch contains these invoices from the previous time, etc. Probably should not have access to configuration that would prevent function. Don't inadvertantly shut off connection. We have to have two person who does it regularly and person who does it occasionally. Across 5 Colleges that would be 10 people. Have to be able to review stuff when you are trouble-shooting. Not like the person only comes here and hits a button.
  • Summary: These users need to manage the export of vouchers, not the FTP connection or the number of batch groups they have or the format it is transmitted in. Just need to be able to run export, see what has been run, download, files etc. Maybe does not make sense for that to happen in Settings. Not all these users are part of managing configuration, are just working on invoicing workflow.
  • From Bob Scheier (Holy Cross) to Everyone 12:22 PM
    I think this is designed to be an automated process no?
    • Inititally it was.
    • The schedule part of this export is still not functioning.
    • When desinging was driven by the idea that these exports would just be happening in the background.
  • Still have the problem that the people who need to view are coming to Settings. Difficult to separate permissions in Settings. (Editing certain fields, etc.)
  • Ultimately, this is an export of data. I don't know that we can have the discussion now here. Probably would be more localized invoice app functionality or leveraging more of the export manager. Should probably be managed by export manager. If it was, that would give scheduling functionality immediately. Will start a Wiki page for refining this and will talk about more moving forward.
  • From Lisa G Smith to Everyone 12:25 PM
    With credits in the mix, I don't see a good way to have automatic payment exports.
    • From Ann Crowley to Everyone 12:27 PM
      We just make sure by vendor that the charges outweigh the credits
    • From Scott Perry to Everyone 12:27 PM
      We include credits without having issues in our batches.
      +1 Ann
    • You can decide whether you want an invoice to export to accounting or not. 
    • Lisa: Multiple people paying invoices & credits. If someone puts through larger credit, cannot make a check for a negative amount. Always do those manually. 
    • There is the export to accounting toggle. If you want to do it manually, say do not export to accounting. 
    • Lisa: Would want to make sure to have all ducks in a row before running the manual export and that have all expected debits and credits.
    • Another way of doing that might be creating a specific batch group for those types of invoices that require manual export. Still have set to export to accounting, but don't have specific schedule and would have to export manually.
  • Julie: Number 2 in #23 is not a big deal, but always get an error. Number 3 is important. Need to see a preview batch file to ensure that things are going to go as expected. Using the current search & filter cannot even narrow down a set of invoices because we cannot identify a time of day or time stamp. Also cannot filter by batch group. Hard to see the invoices that are ready to be released. Don't have a workaround.
    • Sara: Also review before to catch mistakes and typos.
    • From Lisa G Smith to Everyone 12:31 PM
      Yes, a preview would be great!
    • From Sara Colglazier (MHC/5C) to Everyone 12:31 PM
      +1 to Julie! re: the preview!
    • From Scott Perry to Everyone 12:32 PM
      Filtering by batch group would be great.
    • From Lisa G Smith to Everyone 12:33 PM
      I 'preview' the download, 
      which is after the fact...
  • Might need to be outlined as a new feature, preview of a batch file. 
  • From Julie Brannon (she/her) to Everyone 12:34 PM
    UINV-335 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Want to see voucher data, what is going to be sent. 
  • Export configuration issue may have been resolved as well. New messaging for errors.
  • From Scott Perry to Everyone 12:38 PM
    One more voucher issue for me is that the voucher numbering is not by batch group.  So I have two basic flows.  A small number of invoices that need to be submitted manually to accounts payable (mostly because the vendor needs to be paid in foreign currency or is over a fixed amount) and everything that is submitted via an automated process.  The FOLIO assigned sequential numbering is for all vouchers regardless of batch group so now I am manually resetting the voucher numbering when approving.
  • Will wait on Implementers topic # 24 until Friday.
12:40 PM

Add adjustment detail to voucher when "Export" is true for adjustment 

  • Have a story for displaying adjustments in the voucher set to export to accounting.
  • When you have adjustments and set them to export to accounting, expectation is that they would appear in the voucher information (at least a summary of the adjustment data).
  • End up with Batched Vouchers. Within Batched Vouchers have Batched Voucher Lines. Looking at a voucher that has two voucher lines, presumably because there are two different external account #s. Adjustments can be in addition to total, seperate from, etc. Value is included in voucher totals already. These adjustments would be shown as summary information for each voucher that's being added. Idea is that we're summarizing each unique adjustment at the voucher level. Example: if you add pro-rated adjustments at the invoice level when you look at the voucher that adjustment as a whole and all of its details will appear. 
  • If you say, export this to accounting, will be reported as summary information in the voucher.
  • Just want to make sure that everyone is understanding that.
  • Example starting with 12:46 PM. 
    • One adjustment at the invoice level: 5%, pro rated by amount, In addition to.
    • Because it is pro rated, will show up on every invoice line. Not really a percentage, actually an amount.
    • Could also add adjustment to invoice line: $2.99 in addition to, export to accounting. 
    • When a voucher is created for this, the voucher is summarizing everything by the external account #. In this case all associated with one external account #.
    • If printed, the adjustments detail should appear for the voucher as a whole. 
    • Key thing is that the amount is a total that is shown. ($20.80 for the 5% that is from each line)
    • Sara: Can't follow whether the GST & shipping is just being summarized separately as an FYI? 
    • Basically summarizing the adjustments for the voucher. Invoice lines will look different than the voucher lines. 
    • Sara: Let's say I have three invoice lines, each costs $5. Shipping for $3 split evenly between the three. Two line items to one fund. Third one to a different fund. Invoice line one will be $6 to fund one. Invoice line two also $6 to fund one. Invoice line 3 $6 dollars to fund 2. On voucher fund one will show $12. Fund 2 will show $6. Shipping cost will show $3. 
    • Is the important thing that we have a summary of the adjustment detail? Or do you need to know of this 5% GST how much of that is associated with external account #1 and how much is accounted with external account #2?
    • Summary almost seems more confusing. Asking to pay for that as well without providing the necessary means of paying.
  • Another example around 12:57 PM.
    • Three invoice lines
    • Shipping out of a specific fund. 
    • When Voucher is created this will create its own line because it is out of a different account.
    • Payment will be made from the correct place. You can definitely make sure that the money is made from the correct external account, but do we also need to report the value of the adjustments by specific external account #? 
    • From Ann Crowley to Everyone 01:01 PM
      We do not need the adjustments broken out
    • From Scott Perry to Everyone 01:01 PM
      We do not need these broken out
    • From Lisa G Smith to Everyone 01:02 PM
      +1 to break out not needed
  • Will carve out a few minutes to touch on this again next time.
  • Next meeting is next Tuesday.

Action items