2022-06-17 Acquisitions Meeting notes



  • Alissa Hafele, Ann Crowley, Ann-Marie Breaux, Christie Thomas, Dung-Lan Chen, Dwayne Swigert, Emily Robertson, Heather McMillan, Jackie Magagnosc, Jean Pajerek, Julie Brannon, Julie Staffer, Kathleen Norton, Kimberly Wiljanen, Kristin Martin, Linh Chang, Lisa Smith, Lloyd, Martina Schildt, Masayo Uchiyama, Owen Stephens, Peter Sbrzesny, Sara C, Scott Perry, Shannon Burke, Sven Thomsen, Tara Barnett, Victoria Anderson, Virginia Martin, Winter White


Discussion items


  •  https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1IjZpSjVOcXYnPyBp2rgGvWHCf6lThDtj9LTtODR6Npw/edit#slide=id.p1
  • This is preliminary, she will keep updating spreadsheet
  • In the powerpoint there are links to other things you might find useful. 
  • Wiki pages
  • Jira features:
    • UXPROD-3361: Prep for creating orders from imported MARC Bibs (Morning Glory, Folijet)
    • UXPROD-185: Creating orders from imported MARC Bibs (Nolana, Folijet)
    • Probably one more feature for related Acq/Thunderjet work (Nolana)
    • Maybe a cleanup refinement feature (Orchid)
  • Most Common use cases: 
    • One stage of acquisitions work: point of receipt/invoice/cataloging

      • Approval plan automatic purchases
      • DDA/PDA automatic purchases

      Two stages of acquisitions work: point of order, then point of rec/inv/cat

      • Orders placed on vendor site, then received/invoiced/cataloged
      • Orders sent from FOLIO, then received/invoiced/cataloged
    • Ann-Marie: Any other use cases?
      • Kristin: We send an order to a vendor but not from folio, we batch create them in folio from a spreadsheet. 
      • From Virginia Martin to Everyone 08:20 AM
        +1 Kristin
      • From Scott Perry (he/him) to Everyone 08:23 AM
        How do you ensure that the vendor reference number is unique?
        • Ann-Marie: That depends on the vendor. You work with them to make sure it is. 
      • From Lloyd (Marmot Library Network) to Everyone 08:23 AM
        I find that my local order number is a more reliable match point than the vendor number.
      • From Virginia Martin to Everyone 08:24 AM
        We much more heavily rely on local system identifiers than vendor identifiers.
      • From Scott Perry (he/him) to Everyone 08:24 AM
        Is the matching vendor specific?  So if Harrassowitz uses the same number as Amalivre FOLIO would know?
        • If it matches to a pol that is not the same vendor, it should catch it. 
      • From Christie Thomas (she/her) to Everyone 08:26 AM
        We use the instance_hrid for linking to the instance and the PO for some of the spreadsheets _> MARC -> FOLIO workflows. Right now we are using the LDP to look up the PO based on the instance_hrid, but it would be nice if the import process were able to use the instance_hrid as a match point for the order / invoice linking.
        (This is the workflow that Kristin was just describing.)
        That is a good idea - being able to build a complex match that allows for vendor + vendor reference number.
      • From Peter Sbrzesny to Everyone 08:33 AM
        We are using a specific prefix for each vendor to avoid duplicates.
      • From Christie Thomas (she/her) to Everyone 08:33 AM
        We do that, too, Peter.
      • From Lloyd (Marmot Library Network) to Everyone 08:33 AM
        We would prefer to match on a number in the order record not the instance record because our orders sometimes move to different bibs. We want the match to follow the order, not stick to the bib.
      • From Christie Thomas (she/her) to Everyone 08:34 AM
        Regarding the instance_hrid  because of the order workflow with these vendors, they send us the cataloging and invoice with the instance_hrid in the 001 but they do not know the PO number and there is no vendor reference number to use.
      • From Kristin Martin (University of Chicago; she/her) to Everyone 08:34 AM
        Although currently if you move an item to a new instance in FOLIO, the PO will continue to link to the old instance.

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