2022-10-18 Acquisitions Meeting notes




  • Housekeeping -

    • Reminder - next meeting this Friday, Oct. 21, at 9 am EST (learning about Package orders from Sara)
    • FOLIO Documentation seeking volunteers for new roles - contact Alexis Manheim or Kirstin Kemner-Heek for details if interested
    • Seeking volunteers to join a small group to work on requirements re: item state, see UXPROD-1590 - Implement Process in the Three-Part Item State DRAFT and UXPROD-1530 - Implement Needed for in the Three-Part Item State DRAFT ((OLD ACCOUNT) Erin Nettifee)

    Business -

          Cross App Workflow presentations and Q&A

    • Create an online order POL when there is not an instance existed in the system by Heather McMillan and Therese Corte (2 different processes from two library's on campus)
    • Bring in invoice data from Harrassowitz and process the invoice by Kimberly Pamplin

Discussion items


Action items