2021-10-21 Product Council Meeting notes



Discussion items

10 minAnnouncements

PC Wiki updates—Kristin has been updating the Product Council wiki, including the decision-making process and the agenda-setting process.  The meeting minutes have been cleaned up with extended use of tasks that are added to a table on the meeting minutes document.  Decision documents have also been added.  Unused and outdated pages have been moved to an "OLD" section.  A future project could be to go through the older minutes (in Google Docs) to pull out decisions made for inclusion in the wiki.

Tonight and tomorrow there is a conference at the Shanghai Library to promote FOLIO.  They are expecting over 100 people on-site for the meeting with others attending virtually.

There was a FOLIO Community Meeting last week; the recording is available.

10 minCommunity Council Update
  1. Update from the OLF + OLF Board
    • Purchasing liability insurance for officers (OLF + FOLIO) are checked. 
    • FOLIO representatives for OLF Roundtable updated: all committee chairs plus FOLIO SMLLC officers shall attend

2. Community Building

    • Discussion about values, message, outreach
    • Onboarding group + New Membership group: review of webpage - update
      • Discussion, brainstorming:  goals, target groups, FAQ
    • Improvements in implementation process
    • Transparency about FOLIO’s governance model, key features, extensibility and uniqueness
    • Forums, informational videos / presentations (e.g. about implementers)

3. Orphaned Apps and funding

    • Topic was discussed and brought to PC Roadmap group.  Harry has been working on this and finding the definition of "orphan" is problematic.  There should be a list coming next week.

4. LDP App discussion was followed up. CC was informed about the result

    • LDP is published in Kiwi but needs to fulfill more technical requirements until Lotus to stay there

5. Management of Developer Resources

    • CC wants to gain transparency and overview  - still under discussion
0 minTechnical Council Update

Thorny issues:

  • Continued work on process for making technical decisions
  • Ongoing discussion on acceptance criteria for modules: process is not fully in place, how to approach in Lotus timeframe
    • Does the overlap with PC on acceptance criteria help or hinder the process?  We might need a joint task force between PC and TC to resolve issues.
    • There are many things in the FOLIO release that don't necessarily meeting the requirements, so perhaps it is time to review how any module gets added (whether "external" or internal).
    • We also need a process for apps to come in that don't put a burden on the project itself.
    • The notion of a single FOLIO build may have run its course; there is an increasing need for FOLIO operators to create and support builds of their own.
  • Reviewing FOLIO Vision, Strategic Objectives and Initiatives document and TC responsibilities
10 minCapacity Planning UpdateThe Capacity Planning group has been talking about the lack of broader participation in the development efforts and the declining size of the Prokopovych Team - Deprecated.  The group is also starting to work on a draft charter for itself, including perhaps renaming itself.  (There is the confusion that Capacity Planning assigns work to teams.)  The group exists as an aid to product owners as well as helping set deadlines for releases.
10 min

Product Owners Update

  • Kiwi Release
  • Lotus Release
    • Next system demo - Tuesday October 26th at 11am ET 
    • Dev teams have begun Lotus development and POs are refining features.
    • Optimistic Locking: User-Acceptance-Testing in Kiwi uncovered that work is needed in quickMARC and data import. Feature release pushed to Lotus. 
      • Will publish a plan to ensure Lotus release 
  • POs meetings
    • Group met with Gill and Owen to discuss proposed UX patterns related to improved navigation of detail records.
    • Added a new JIRA status (In Refinement) to help POs with backlog management. See JIRA status overview.  

Bugfest Testers wanted for the following 


10 min

Identifying Priorities for FOLIO development

Martina SchildtThe charter is not done yet and is expected to be ready to review for next week.
10 minAgenda topic generation
The Roadmap group met this week and are manually assigning issues as a pilot to present to Product Council next week.  They have a deadline of the week before U.S. Thanksgiving to wrap up the roadmap process.

Meeting chat record

09:38:55 From  Martina Schildt  to  Everyone:
 Looks very good �
09:59:04 From  Anya  to  Everyone:
 The LTI module …
10:03:00 From  Charlotte Whitt  to  Everyone:
 + 1 Kristin Martin
10:03:15 From  Travis, Brooks L  to  Everyone:
 +1 to Kristing
10:03:18 From  Travis, Brooks L  to  Everyone:
10:03:20 From  Travis, Brooks L  to  Everyone:
10:05:44 From  Kristin Martin  to  Everyone:
 Remind me what LTI stands for?
10:07:20 From  Ian Walls  to  Everyone:
10:07:20 From  Peter Murray  to  Everyone:
 "Learning Tools Interoperability"
10:07:41 From  Peter Murray  to  Everyone:
10:10:18 From  Travis, Brooks L  to  Everyone:
 the PC definitely needs to define those standard “packages”
10:10:45 From  Kirstin Kemner-Heek  to  Everyone:
 Agreed. But are more than one aspect on this.
10:26:32 From  Anya  to  Everyone:
 Thank you all