2024-04-09 Acquisitions Meeting notes


Apr 9, 2024



Aaron Neslin

John Banionis

Rebekah Silverstein

Alissa Hafele

Julie Stauffer

Rhonda Fuhrmann

Anne Campbell

Kathleen Norton

Sara Colglazier

Beverly Geckle

Kimberly Pamplin

Sarah Kees

Catherine Tuohy

Kimberly Smith

Scott Perry

Corrie Hutchinson

Kimberly Wiljanen

Steve Selleck

Daniel Welch

Kristin Martin

Susie Skowronek

Daniel Huang

Lisa Smith

Suzanne Mangrum

Dung-Lan Chen

Masayo Uchiyama

Suzette Caneda

Dwayne Swigert

Nancy Pelis

Sven Thomsen

Heather McMillan

Okay Okonkwo

Sylvia Hamann

Jackie Magagnosc

Peter Breternitz

Timothy Nelson

Jean Pajerek

Peter Sbrzesny

Victoria Anderson


  • Housekeeping

  • Business -

    • Open discussions on any topics/questions you may want to ask/raise/check with Acquisitions SIG fellow members

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  • Housekeeping -

    • Quesnalia bugfest continues thru this Friday, April 12

    • Michigan State E-resource cataloging workflow survey post in Acq SIG Slack channel on April 3.  Appreciates you or your colleagues' participation in the survey (runs thru April 19)

    • Next scheduled meeting, this Friday, April 12, at 9 am Eastern



  • Open discussions on any topics/questions you may want to ask/raise/check with Acquisitions SIG fellow members

  • How do we want to use the time when product owners aren't available?

    • Sara: Her local group has had discussions on not understanding what some fields or actions or business logic is used… what is this field, having a discussion how others are using it…. This can help the group and also in helping with documentation. Help fill a discussion on workflows…. we need a place that is accessible to everyone to see what the intended action was supposed to be, or how others are using it… Example, what does the volume field do that is at the bottom of the POL?

    • Kristin Martin 12:20 PM
      FOLIO documentation says, "Volumes. The volume number ordered."

    • Sara Colglazier 12:21 PM
      There is a lot of that, from way back: X means x. Which is useless really. I think was often just a placeholder way of handling the documentation to start off.

    • Aaron Neslin 12:23 PM
      I think this might be the original jira https://folio-org.atlassian.net/browse/UIOR-57

    • Lisa Smith, Mich State 12:24 PM
      We list volumes in the receiving note, so the receiver gets the info.  We've also been ignoring the 'volume' field since it didn't appear to be useful for us, at least at the time we were learning FOLIO.

    • Kristin Martin 12:25 PM
      We also put volume number information in the receiving note.

    • Julie Stauffer 12:29 PM
      It would be helpful to know what fields in the PO/POL are used to transmit content to other apps

    • Scott Perry 12:29 PM
      I also wonder if some of these (none come immediately to mind) that might be useful had the concept of a workflow engine been implemented (which was part of early FOLIO).

    • Discussion on documenting what fields are used and if no one is using them… maybe they should be removed. Or are they not being used because no one knows how to use it?

    • Corrie 12:30 PM
      In regards to removing fields, how could it ever be completely verified that NO ONE uses that field in all of implementers of FOLIO?

    • Sara Colglazier 12:30 PM
      Just to record it here, too, we at MHC do NOT use the Volume field at the very bottom of the POL because we do not know what it does or should do.

    • Dung-Lan - Maybe each of us can look at our acquisitions workflows and jot down what fields we want to learn more about. Are there some feilds that many instutions are unclear on?

    • Aaron: Fields we use/don't use…. different places use different fields. In Templates, you can suppress fields from being displayed. Orders has a lot of scrolling, a lot of clicking, a big mix of required and optional fields….

    • Sara: Wants to learn about fields that up to now has not used, because maybe someone is using it in a way that she would love to know about. Documentation is not there so if someone is using it, share it with the group…. That volume field in the POL was added in 2018, a community wide conversation about fields that started to go somewhere, but ended up not going anywhere…

    • Kimberly Pamplin: Knowing what fields transmit to other apps is good. Ex subscription to and from field will go to the invoice. Also stumbled across the fact that the line description also goes to the invoice.

    • Anne Campbell 12:40 PM
      found this in http://docs.folio.org , not sure if this is useful

    • image-20240409-174112.png

      Sara Colglazier 12:42 PM
      Anne, where exactly, did you find it? [link?]

    • Anne Campbell 12:42 PM

    • Kimberly Smith: Talked about Workshopping; a session meeting where people join specifically to discuss this type of thing.

    • Scott Perry 12:45 PM
      Maybe a list like the implementers topics?

    • Discussion on lets create a page of topics that we would like to discuss when product owners are not available to meet. Call it workshop topics or Lab….

    • Sara: Maybe one meeting, open up a PO and go through it field by field discussing it’s use…. We are the ‘subject matter experts’ SME - lets discuss it and document it..

    • Sara Colglazier 12:51 PM
      And we should not just do One time physical, but also P/E, or Ongoing NOT subscription, and then there is the POL Package, …. different things show us different options. And interact differently with different other apps

    • Lisa Smith, Mich State 12:52 PM
      I'm also interested in how others use the prefix, suffix, line description, etc.

    • Rebekah Silverstein 12:52 PM
      I would appreciate watching people walk through apps in folio, thanks for this tangible application.

    • Sara Colglazier 12:52 PM
      And tags ;-)

    • Pamplin, Kimberly B 12:54 PM
      We use some tags

    • Lisa Smith, Mich State 12:55 PM
      Mich State uses tags

    • Sara Colglazier 12:55 PM
      And eventually we can move over to Invoice App!!

    • Dung Lan - When migrated to Poppy, some of the templates, the information didn’t transfer properly. They have noticed the material type.

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