2024-05-07 Acquisitions Meeting notes


May 7, 2024



Aaron Neslin

Joanna Cerro

Nancy Pelis

Alissa Hafele

Joe Reimers

Nina Stellmann

Ann Crowley

John Banionis

Okay Okonkwo

Anne Campbell

Julie Stauffer

Rachel Sneed

Daniel Welch

Kimberly Pamplin

Rhonda Fuhrmann

Daniel Huang

Kimberly Wiljanen

Scott Perry

Dennis Bridges

Kristin Martin

Susanne Gill

Dung-Lan Chen

Lia Chaleva

Susie Skowronek

Dwayne Swigert

Lisa Smith

Suzette Caneda

Heather McMillan

Lucinda Williams

Sylvia Hamann

Heiko Schorde

Martina Schildt

Timothy Nelson

Jackie Magagnosc

Mary Moran

Victoria Anderson

Jean Pajerek

Masayo Uchiyama




  • Housekeeping -

    Business -

    • Any specific topic POs want to discuss

    • Other topics we can discuss

      • Initial conversations about what you'd like to see included in planning FYRO discussions

      • Continue to discuss Implementers' Topics (#125, ...)

 Discussion topics












  • Housekeeping -

    • Planning of FYRO discussions

    • Tentatively planned - Kristin Martin and Martina Schildt will discuss with the group if any implication re: "Inventory. Item record. Make item material type optional" next Tuesday, May 14.

    • Next scheduled meeting, Friday, May 10, at 9 am Eastern

    • App Interaction will have a meeting on May 29th discussing material types, would like input from all different groups.


Update from Dennis


  • At the moment, really focused on closing out the Q release.

  • Finished refining all the features for the R release. Ready for development, and development has started on a few features.

  • PO’s turning attention to Sunflower release. In a couple of weeks from now, will want to start having conversations about features that need refining for Sunflower.


FY Rollover


  • Rollover

  • Dung Lan discussed rollover and wanted to know what people would like to see addressed. asked for someone to discuss their own experiences with rollover.

  • John Banionis 12:16 PM
    We rollover for June 1, and are also scheduled to upgrade to Poppy the week prior.  We will need to have the encumbrances script run beforehand by hosting, so that's the only timing thing we're keeping our eye on

  • Scott Perry 12:17 PM
    We run the encumbrances script every other week or so.  There is also another script our hosting provider runs every other week to adjust the display balances of awaiting payment on funds.  I think all of this is fixed with quesnelia.

    • There’s always something wrong.

  • John Banionis 12:18 PM

  • Lisa Smith, Mich State 12:19 PM
    We run the encumbrance script every couple of months, and definitely before FYRO.

  • Scott Perry 12:19 PM
    We often have encumbrances that are off by thousands of dollars.

  • John Banionis 12:20 PM
    I will ask for hosting to run the script on an ad-hoc basis when something does not update correctly, but that's been 1-2 times per year for us so far

  • Scott Perry 12:21 PM
    Haven't yet run FYRO in Poppy (migrated last weekend) on our test server.

  • Susie Skowronek: New to folio and running rollover soon. Didn’t know about scripts, can someone share that link with me?

  • Susanne Gill (BVB) 12:23 PM
    is it this one?

  • Dennis Bridges 12:23 PM
    This is the page that describes the scripts https://folio-org.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/FOLIJET/pages/1396182

  • Ann Crowley 12:24 PM
    I have tested FYRO on Poppy, it worked but did receive an error log due to how our orders are setup.

  • Suzette Caneda 12:25 PM
    If you have multiple ledgers, should you rollover one ledger at a time, or could you run them at the same time?

    • Ann Crowley 12:25 PM
      You are required to run one ledger at a time


Implementers Topic #126


Implementers Topic #126

Suzette Caneda

  • Invoices: rounding

  • We use prorated adjustments to apply tax to invoices. FOLIO uses banker's rounding (rounding to the nearest even) but our university does not. We round up for values of half a penny and above and round down for values below half a penny. We should be able to change or choose the way FOLIO handles rounding.

    Also we're not sure if this is what is causing some discrepancy between the invoice line fund distribution amount vs. the actual transaction amount, as shown in this example:

  • Dennis: So you are rounding to the nearest dollar rather than the nearest cent. Is anyone using different rounding methods? I think it’s technically possible to expose a setting for the rounding method. Need a feature for this, it would be helpful to know early on if other methods of rounding need to be available.

  • Suzette: Added screen shots where they sometimes see where the invoice line doesn’t match the voucher lines when the funds get totaled up.

  • Dennis: Try and recreate it in the test environment, then create a Bug for it. There is a template you can fill in for Bug fixes. If you do it in Bugfest, you can reference the records in the Bug Fix.

  • Dennis Bridges 12:38 PM

  • The link that describes the process of reporting a bug



Implementers Topic #127


Implementers Topic #127

  • Suzette Caneda

  • Invoices: 

    fund amounts not shown in json for multi-funded invoice lines

  • When there are multiple funds split by percentage on an invoice line, is it possible to show in the json returned by okapi the item and adjustment amounts for each fund? It would also be helpful if the adjustment amounts are shown in the UI for each fund.

  • Joe: You do it by % rather than absolute dollar. So you are looking for a some sort of back end conversion.

  • Suzette: So for each fund when it’s divided up, it would show the total and also the % splits for the adjustment lines as well.




Implementers Topic # 128

  • Invoices: invoices in foreign currencies do not show the converted system currency amounts in json

  • For invoices in foreign currencies, is it possible to show in the json returned by okapi the item and adjustment amounts converted to the system currency for each fund? It would also be helpful if the converted system currency amounts are shown in the UI for each fund.

  • Joe: So you want this to go to your accounts payable system in system currency rather than the foreign currency. There has been a lot of work in the Q release, test the issue there and see if this is still a problem.


Implementers Topic 129

Martina Schildt

Implementers Topic # 129

  • Organizations: add a multi-select option for languages

  • As a user I need to add multiple languages to a contact person or the general contact information.

  • Question: Can we have a multi select here rather than a single select?

  • Joe, We have multi select categories, will look into it here.

  • Aaron - Would you want that strictly on the contact information for the organization or would you want that for the contacts that can be assigned as well? Martina: Yes



 Action items