2024-04-16 Acquisitions Meeting notes


Apr 16, 2024


  • @Heather McMillan


  • Housekeeping -

  • PC Update (Kristin Martin)

  • Preview of Linked Data App (presentation linked in notes)

  • Business -

    • Presentation - Number generators in Organizations and Receiving plus Q&A (Thank you @Martina Tumulla!)

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  • Housekeeping -

    • POs can't make the meeting today - have release related tasks to catch up after being out last week

    • Brief recap of last Tuesday (April 9) Acq SIG meeting discussions about what the group can discuss/do when both Acquisitions POs can't make the meeting

    • Next scheduled meeting - Tuesday, April 23, at 1 pm Eastern

PC Update

Kristin Martin

  • Special meeting at Asia/Pacific friendly time: 2024-03-21 Product Council Meeting Notes (8pm ET, quarterly Asia Pacific Friendly time)

    • Discussion of the Application Formalization overview

    • This work has been a tricouncil working group

    • Proof of concept will be discussed via Technical Council: Vince Bareau and Craig McNally have confirmed a discussion of the POC at the TC discussion session time on April 24 at 11 AM ET

    • There is a spreadsheet that provides more details about the Proof of Concept and people can ask questions

    • Initial work may not change the user experience with FOLIO much, but designed to make FOLIO more modular and easier to install

  • 2024-04-04 Meeting notes

    • Preview of Linked Data App (presentation linked in notes)

      • If you are interested in following/participating in the development, there is a Linked Open Data Subgroup under Metadata Management and a Slack channel, #linked_data

    • Overview of APIs in FOLIO - informational about types of APIs and what they do

Number Generator Presentation : Martina Tumulla (8 minutes after the top of the hour)

  • Which fields we are talking about

    • Vendor code in organizations

    • In receiving: Item level: the accession number, call number, and item barcode

    • In Inventory: Item level: the accession number, call number, and item barcode
      Holdings Level: the call number

    • user barcode in users.

  • Part 1 Service interactions, number generator and number generator sequences.


    Number generator sequences



  • If you click on a sequence in the table, then a 4th pane opens and is the detailed view of all the fields.

  • Martina went through each field and described them.

      • Usage Status column

    • When using the number generator you define sequences first.

    • at 27 minutes after - did screen shots of functionality not available in snap shot yet.

    • In Organizations, in create mode:

    • Receiving screen shots

    • Dung Lan: For Organizations, if you have the sequence created, when you create a new organization you currently have to enter the code. Now, you can set it up so this code will be automatically created? Martina: Yes - you define your sequences in service interaction prior/once and select one sequence via the modal in create organizations and generate the next number from this sequence via the button “generate vendor code”

    • For service interaction, this is in the Q release. In Organizations and receiving, it’s in the R release.


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