2024-05-14 Acquisitions Meeting notes


May 14, 2024


Aaron Neslin

Kathleen Norton

Nina Stellmann

Ann Crowley

Kimberly Pamplin

Peter Breternitz

Daniel Welch

Kimberly Wiljanen

Rachel Sneed

Daniel Huang

Linh Chang

Rhonda Fuhrmann

Dennis Bridges

Lisa Maybury

Sara Colglazier

Dung-Lan Chen

Lisa Smith

Scott Perry

Heather McMillan

Lucinda Williams

Stephanie Larrison

Heiko Schorde

Martina Schildt

Susanne Gill

Jean Pajerek

Mary Moran

Suzette Caneda

Joe Reimers

Masayo Uchiyama

Sven Thomsen

Julie Stauffer

Nancy Pelis

Timothy Nelson


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Review Ramson UAT schedule (Joseph Reimers)

Joe Reimers

  • Dates are tentative, target dates are likely to move forward by a week or two.

  • 5 UAT’s scheduled between now and sept

    • Routing lists so that you can create and print routing lists for physical pieces in receiving.

      • Target date likely 3rd or 10th of June.

    • Improve handling of bindery support

    • Primarily for consortia, place orders on behalf of a member library by a central office.

    • In Sept have a planned test, financial structure maintenance,, attempt to repair rollover errors.



Discuss "Inventory, Item record, make Material Type optional" (Martina Schildt)


  • UXPROD-785

  • UXPROD-47

  • Inventory, Item record. Make item material type optional.

  • What would be the impact of no longer requiring the material type for items. Has impact not only on inventory but on other apps.

  • Chicago has problems because this material type contains no real information.

  • Ryan proposing schema changes for R release. This is a good time to propose further changes like making material type optional.

  • Cross app sig will be discussing this on May 29th, 12pm Eastern.

  • Sara: Wonders if we can combine this with when you are in receiving, that you are able to change what the material type is in the piece.

  • Dennis: Are there time you don’t want a material type in an item record?

    • Chicago had problems related to data import because they don’t populate item material type and that was the issue.

    • Scott Perry (UChicago) 12:22 PM
      Unfortunately I’m not completely familiar with this, but it is data import.

    • Martina: Detailed conversation will be on the 29th. Wanted to clearify in advance if there are objections to making material type optional, and if so, what are they.

      • Dennis: concern seems to be, If it’s not required, how do we create items without material types?

      • Martina: Do you think it’s possible to have the space and settings to say, in my tenant I need this to be mandatory and in others not.

        • Dennis: We have talked about this with order templates. However, If it’s a problem with import, fix import. Would need more information from Kristin.

    • Aaron: Item record sits between acquisitions, metadata, and circulation where each group has a stake in it.

    • Martina will add a place in the agenda for the meeting on the 29th for people to add concerns.


Feedback re: FYRO discussions planning


  • Discussion on FY rollover and how to organize the conversation so it is of the most interest to everyone.

  • Kimberly Smith: Would like to talk about weather or not to encumber ongoing orders. Someone that hasn’t done FY Rollover may be interested in that topic.

  • Susanne Gill (BVB) 12:45 PM
    We have a small Group testing FYRO and I guess they would like to Exchange experiences…(they would prefer for the Meeting  to be on a Friday)

  • Scott Perry (UChicago) 12:46 PM
    I will run a trial on our test server during the next week

  • Ann Crowley 12:48 PM
    Our test for Poppy ran about the same maybe a little longer (re question about if it is the same amount of time in test vs production)

  • Ann Crowley 12:49 PM
    But ours doesn't take that long in general total 2-3 hours

  • Sara: Is interested in hearing about the prep work, pre reports, to find potential problems before doing the actual rollover… what are the checks you do after the roll

  • Lisa Smith, Mich State 12:52 PM
    Agree, Sara.  MSU does clean up work ahead of FYRO and we have things we do afterwards.

  • Suzette Caneda 12:52 PM
    Would like to know from those who have run it: 1) how long rollover took (and how many open/closed orders you had), 2) what kind of cleanup you've had to do before and after rollover

  • Ann Crowley 12:56 PM
    Cornell FYRO 4 ledgers, 415 funds, maybe 30K orders

  • Lisa Smith, Mich State 12:56 PM
    We also have very manual workarounds to find standing orders paid last year, but not yet this year.  Looking for encumbrance issues.

  • Scott Perry (UChicago) 12:56 PM
    1 ledger, ca 600 funds. 35-40k orders.

  • Scott Perry (UChicago) 12:57 PM
    Last test two weeks ago in orchid timed out at over 24 hours.

  • Discussion on when to have the meeting

  • Scott Perry (UChicago) 1:00 PM
    Could we do an exceptional meeting for those who are interested?

  • Joe Reimers (EBSCO) 1:00 PM
    Aren't all of our meetings exceptional? 😛

 Action items