2024-01-05 Acquisitions Meeting notes



  • Aaron Neslin

    Joe Reimers

    Lucinda Williams

    Ann Crowley

    John Banionis

    Nancy Pelis

    Catherine Tuohy

    Julie Stauffer

    Nina Stellmann

    Dennis Bridges

    Kathleen Norton

    Scott Perry

    Dung-Lan Chen

    Kimberly Pamplin

    Sven Thomsen

    Dwayne Swigert

    Kimberly Smith

    Sylvia Hamann

    Heather McMillan

    Kimberly Wiljanen

    Timothy Nelson

    Jackie Magagnosc

    Kristin Martin

    Victoria Anderson

    Jean Pajerek

    Lisa Smith

    Winter White


  • Housekeeping
  • PC Update
  • Business -

    • Dennis will fill in about the small group meetings re: "Data Alignment Through Serials, Receiving, Inventory and Discovery"
    • Discuss upcoming UATs (Joe Reimers )

Discussion items

  • Housekeeping -

    • Happy New Year 2024!
    • A small group consists of POs and folks who are interested in discussing "Data Alignment Through Serials, Receiving, Inventory and Discovery" will be meeting on Fridays (Jan. 12, Jan. 26, Feb. 9 & Feb. 26) at 9 am Eastern (use the Zoom link of Acquisitions SIG Friday meetings).  Please reach out to Dennis if you'd like to join the small group (see Slack thread here - https://folio-project.slack.com/archives/C217N937A/p1704217223865979?thread_ts=1702659859.321679&cid=C217N937A).  More from Dennis about the small group meetings in main agenda.

 PC Update (Kristin Martin) -
  • Poppy was released Dec.21
  • PC only met once since last update. 
  • Jan.18th - next Tri Council meeting. It is open to everyone. 
    • Interested from the community standpoint about releases. How many releases do you want in  year.... How does the release cycle work for you? What do we want to get out of wolfcon 2024 (Sept. 2024 in London)?  How can we make the folio project attractive to new members?
: 10

Dennis - small group Data Alignment Through Serials, Receiving, Inventory and Discovery"

  • meet alternating Friday's at the normal acq time, at alternating Friday's.
  • Review reason why, proposed solution for the short term, talk about longer term solution for Data alignment. 
  • If you plan to attend but miss the first meeting, please watch the recording for the first meeting. 
  • The meeting recordings will be in the same location as the normal Acq meeting. 

  • Testing for donor information will begin next week. 10th -16th. On the wiki there is a user acceptance testing page. This will include full instructions. 
  • Next will be UAT for claiming functionality from the 17th - 23
  • 24- 30
  • keeping short time frame since this is all in active development. 
  • Internal code freeze in March. All UAT needs to be done by March. 1. 
  • These will be in Quesnelia. 
  • ACQ/User+Acceptance+Testing

Action items