2024-04-23 Acquisitions Meeting notes


Apr 23, 2024


Aaron Neslin

Joe Reimers

Peter Breternitz

Ann Crowley

John Banionis

Rachel Sneed

Anne Campbell

Julie Stauffer

Rhonda Fuhrmann

Catherine Tuohy

Kathleen Norton

Sabrina Bayer

Daniel Welch

Kimberly Pamplin

Sara Colglazier

Daniel Huang

Kimberly Smith

Scott Perry

Dennis Bridges

Kristin Martin

Steve Selleck

Dung-Lan Chen

Linh Chang

Susanne Gill

Dwayne Swigert

Lisa Maybury

Suzette Caneda

Heather McMillan

Lisa Smith

Sven Thomsen

Heiko Schorde

Mary Moran

Sylvia Hamann

Jackie Magagnosc

Nancy Pelis

Timothy Nelson

Jean Pajerek

Okay Okonkwo

Victoria Anderson


  • Housekeeping

    Business -

    • If Dennis didn't have specific topics that he'd like to discuss, discuss Implementers Topics could be an alternative (Topic # 120 & continues)


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Dennis - update on what they are working on

  • BugFest for Q is completed.

  • All p1 issues related to to Acquisitions are resolved

  • Working on a slide deck for new functionality coming in Q.

  • Updating release notes

  • Next will start looking at priorities for the T release.

  • R functionality is set.

  • PO’s will be turning their attention to Sunflower.




Implementer's Topic #120

  • Finance: change presettings for search & filter

  • We would like the status filter to be set to "active" by default when opening the Finance app. We would like to do this in the ledger tab as well as the group and fund tabs.

  • Dennis: It would be most helpful to allow a user to pick what the default will be.

  • Ann Crowley 12:15 PM
    +1 to user preferences

  • Dennis: Ideal option 1 is a user pick their own setting. Option 2 is an admin picks the what setting is default for their library. Option 3, the folio community comes together.

  • Should probably add this as support for developing as user or app based. Will add this information to the existing feature we already have that describes user based configurations.

  • Does anyone think it’s worth working on app based user configuration so a library can set the configuration?

    • As a temp working towards user based would be ok.

    • Lisa Smith, Mich State 12:21 PM
      For me, I look at status 'active' with nearly every search.  I look at other status for troubleshooting.

    • Ann: really would like user based since each job will have different work flows needing different options.

    • Kimberly Smith (MTSU) 12:22 PM
      [UXPROD-1398] User Preferences - FOLIO Jira (atlassian.net) This might be the JIRA Dennis is referencing

    • Comment added to line to create Jira for user preference.





Implementers Topic 121

  • Orders, Order Lines, Invoices: Add a filter

  • Could we add Ledger Group as a filter to Orders, Order Lines and Invoices?  This would allow for a way to group transactions that are affecting a whole group rather than just one individual fund.  Alternatively, could the fund code filter function the same as the expense class feature in both order/order lines and invoices. (See differences in images below)

  • Dennis: Would you expect that to be an “AND” or an “or”?

  • Lisa Smith, Mich State 12:26 PM

  • Dennis: Just need to create a Jira story and assign it to the enhancements functionality.





Implementers Topic # 122

  • Method of Acquisitions 

  • Could we make it so we can delete default Method of Acquisitions in the PO line creation dropdown? It gets in the way of staff UX here at Lehigh. It is unclear if this is adequately handled by UIOR-1140. Reported by Daniel Huang and Maccabee Levine

  • Daniel: It’s not a huge deal, but can’t delete. You can rename, but not delete. Can’t even change the label.

  • Dennis: Originally there was going to be logic associated with the method.

  • Scott Perry (UChicago) 12:30 PM
    Are those reference values (like with expense classes)?

  • Daniel Huang, Lehigh University 12:31 PM
    In Settings->Orders-->Acquisition methods. eg. People use "approval plan" instead of "Lehigh-code-approvals"
    (our code has existed since Sirsi AFAIK)

  • Dennis: Are there many of you that want to remove the system values?

    • Yes - many do.

  • Lisa Smith, Mich State 12:32 PM
    The less scrolling the better, so I'd like to hide or delete unused methods.

  • Discussed if we can make them active or inactive?

  • Sven Thomsen 12:35 PM
    doesn't this somehow touches this from Topic 81 (deacitivation of obsolete Parameters) : https://folio-org.atlassian.net/browse/UIOR-1157

  • Daniel Huang, Lehigh University 12:36 PM
    Lehigh just needs this to hide this in the UI for non-acq people really

  • Add this topic as a reference to UIOR-1157

  • Daniel Huang, Lehigh University 12:38 PM
    Okay hear me out. If there is no planned feature for the un-removable MoA values, then why not make them removable for now and then revisit the un-removable ones later? MoA = method of acquisition





Implementers Topic 123

  • Susanne Gill

  • Receiving App: Fields from Holdings/Item level in piece Information

  • At the moment there are just some fields from Holdings and Item level in the piece information.

    1. It would be very useful to have more fields from Holdings and Item level in the piece information so that we do not have to go to the Inventory App to fill out the other fields during the receiving process. This would save us a lot of time.

    2. If the fields on Holdings and Item level in the Inventory App are populated afterwards, it should be also possible that these information are also shown in the fields in the piece information.

  • Dennis: Main reason to have it there is to not have to add it to the item record separately?

    • Yes.

    • Dennis: Not to sort or filter?

    • correct.

  • In the Q release we updated the piece a bit and organized fields into accordions. There is now an item accordion and we've made it consistent.

  • Sara: This needs a bigger discussion. If we add a filed it would need to be able to deactivate, we would not want the call number piece connection.

  • Sabrina Bayer 12:47 PM
    We have our call number in the Holdings record as well (in the most cases).

  • Lisa Smith, Mich State 12:47 PM
    +1 Sara

  • Susanne: lets wait and see what functionality is in the Q release, then update the topic and have a bigger discussion.

  • Dennis - if you have comments about this, please add it to the topic on the Implementers page.




Please vote on the Implementers Topics. It help Dennis keep an eye on what’s important to the community.

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