2021-09-22 Meeting notes




  • There was no set agenda for this meeting.  Attendees could bring up whatever they had been working on.

Discussion items

  • This ticket is nominally assigned to a dev team, but that dev team isn't aware of it.  We should spec out what's necessary for this ticket to get worked on.

Help implementersPatty
  • Patty was interested in UM-SIG helping with on-boarding new Folio customers.
    • List of questions implementers need to ask themselves
      • Avoid needing Folio to support workarounds that libraries developed to manage shortcomings in their present system
    • Use UM-SIG meetings to create/smooth out videos for implementers to understand UM module.
      • Panel discussions
      • Demos of functions
      • One recommendation came in for demoing Patron Accounts.
      • There was a discussion of Custom Fields that might indicate that that would make a good discussion as well.
    • Action item: Patty will give us an example of the kind of discussion we should have at the 10/5 meeting.
    • Action item: Maura will invite implementers to attend the SIG meeting on 9/29 to discuss their needs.

General questionsKara
  • Is there a place where data is used elsewhere?
    • The API docs will help with that. Folio's API documentation is a good starting point.
    • Using a browser's developer console will also show what data is being queried.
  • Can Folio handle a self-checkout machine or program?
    • How to ask about that/Where is the right place to start?
    • It might be possible to do a direct-to-API function.
    • There was a great deal of interest in this question.

Action items

  • Maura will invite members of the implementers group to attend the 9/29 meeting.
  • Patty will give us an example of the kind of helpful discussions/onboarding that can aid new Folio users to understand UM functions.