Permissions - Resources

FOLIO permission model

Structure of permissions:

  • atomic permissions 
  • immutable permission sets (IPS)
  • mutable permission sets (MPS)

Permissions in Stripes and FOLIOGitHub
Permissions setup - which permissions to restrict from usersDiscuss Post by Maura
FOLIO: Permissions OverviewPresentation for RA SIG (Cate Boerema), 04/24/2019
User permissionsSpreadsheet in Google Drive: RA SIG +  UM SIGlists permissions per app with name, description and effect
Fees/Fines Permissions OverviewDocument in Google Drive: Fees-Fines Subgroup
User MetadataSpreadsheet in Google Drive: UM SIGlists (all?) fields in Users app
Mockup Selection of Permissions
with checkboxes for easier selection