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  • The Checkout app allows looking up a patron by name, but the search results generated do not have the same functionality as when searching for a user in the Users app, specifically the 'show columns' functionality is not there. As there are cases when two patrons have the same first and last names, the ability to show a column for, e.g. birthdate, would be very helpful. Discussion on this topic added to agenda for next meeting.
2023-02-01 Meeting notes
  • Erin will talk to us about the work MSU is doing with Teams, and how they see themselves using it.
2023-02-01 Meeting notes
  • Patty will give us an example of the kind of helpful discussions/onboarding that can aid new Folio users to understand UM functions.
2021-09-22 Meeting notes
  • Patty will bring together all of the JIRA tickets related to user searching
2020-09-23 Meeting notes
2020-09-23 Meeting notes
  • We might have an update on additional fields.
2020-09-23 Meeting notes
  • Patty will revisit UXPROD-242, which involves "Freezing/Protecting Fields" in the user load.
2020-09-09 Meeting notes
  • Dima from Spitfire team is interested in showing/discussing changes to the User Loader.
2020-09-02 Meeting notes
patty.wanninger2020-06-17 User Management Meeting notes
patty.wanninger2020-06-17 User Management Meeting notes

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