2020-06-17 User Management Meeting notes

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  • Discuss two new tickets for User reports
    • REP-259 - Report of registered users
    • REP-260 - Report of active borrowers

Discussion items


REP-259 report of registered users (count)

Ingolf, all
  • Reporting SIG categorizes reports, this includes "external" report requirements -> ARL reports in U.S., DBS stats in Germany
  • R SIG classified the two reports to discuss as in-App reports; rules for this -> if reports only uses data from a single app
  • REP-259 UM needs report of registered users
  • have to be countable by student, staff and external
  • Patty: why not just total up different categories within search results
  • Brooks: under 1000 results count is exact, over 1000 is estimated, RMB does the lookups, not possible to change that behaviour
  • Patty: Department info also to be reported? Not answer from the group
  • Patty: will write/change the story as follows:
    • report funktion in action menu
    • select a bunch of groups
    • select and then total count of groups selected

REP-260 report of active usersIngolf, all
  • Patty: not an in-app report, because more than user app, i.e. loans are involved
  • problem of anonymisation
  • Uschi: current system record last activity date in user record (Björn +1)
  • All: ok, report would require new field "last activity date"
  • Patty: will write/change the story as follows:
    • add new field like "last circ date (loan)" timestamp
    • report function in action menu
    • UI sort of plugin to chose date range
  • Ingolf: User record have to exist when doing stats; Uschi, Björn: yes, this is practice at the moment; user perge after stats
  • Brooks: potential problem: example: statistical analysis run in Feb 2021 for date range 2020, but last loan date in Jan 2021; no hit for 2020?
  • possible solution: maybe a value per year?

Display Emojis (Unicode) in FOLIO's UIBrooks
  • Brooks: system can't display emojis, there are Unicode, all Unicode signs should be displayed
  • Patty is going to bring this up

Action items