2020-10-21 Meeting notes




  • User loading. How do we do it?  What are the benefits or drawbacks of each method?  How long does it take?

  • UXPROD-2731 (Improvements to user loader.) We need to rank this ticket.

Discussion items


General discussion of ticketsPatty
  • The tickets created by UM-SIG are not ranked very high.  There's a mad scramble for development resources, so we may not have much movement on these tickets.  (Uschi summed up the "iron triangle of software development.")

External System IDsPatty
  • It's possible to have one external system ID field in user records.  The general consensus was that it wasn't particularly forward-thinking to limit ourselves to just one external system ID. 

Query searching for users (boolean searching vs. elastic search)Patty
  • Inventory has Elastic Search. 
  • It might be being developed at Leipzig.  Patty with check with Björn.

Anonymizing loans, but retaining custom field dataPatty
  • Possibly set a flag for a notice token.  If that's possible, can we set custom fields with a flag to retain them after the loan has been anonymized?

Make phone number repeatablePatty
  • Addresses have types.  It's important that phone numbers can be typed the same way, so a phone number can be associated with an address.
  • The "mobile phone" field needs to be a separate field.  Otherwise, sending notifications via text message isn't possible.

Hide "stalker data" behind a permissionPatty
  • A permission that prevents a regular user from seeing a patron's contact info in the UI is not possible only in the UI.  There would have to be a permission that restricts it in the back-end and the UI.  RA-SIG will discuss.

Protect fields from being overwrittenPatty
  • Patty will discuss with RA-SIG.  This might get somewhere.

Deactivate user in UIPatty
  • Catherine and Patty saw that when they deactivated a user, the user was deleted instead.
  • Brooks did not see that behavior.  Patty looked at one of the environments, and saw that by setting an expiration date in the past, the user automatically became inactive.  Also, if they marked a user inactive, their expiration date reset to the current day.

Action items

  • We need to rank/re-rank these tickets.