2020-10-07 Meeting notes




Discussion items

5 min.Note takerDeb Maddox

Assisted by Maura Byrne

15 min.JIRA Tickets related to user searchingPatty W.

The JIRA tickets in question are UIU-1027 and UXPROD-2092, linked above under Goals.  UM-SIG wants Users to be searchable using fields.  The JIRA tickets are two requests for more-or-less this thing.  The general consensus was that the User search should have a drop-down menu like the Inventory search.  The UIU tickets in UXPROD-2092 seem to require the fields that we'd want to search by.  Patty and Maura will talk with RA-SIG and discuss what we all want out of User searching.

15 min.Discuss post about SSO/SAML integrationPatty W.

The post discusses what may need to be in place to deploy SSO/SAML authentication.  Essentially, SSO allows users to authenticate using a central, external ID Provider (SSO = "Single Sign-on").  If a user is a staff member, or works at the Library, anything they can see will be determined by FOLIO permissions assigned to that user.

What happens if there is no external ID Provider?  FOLIO will have to be capable of being an ID database-of-record.

There are JIRA tickets related to integrating Grouper and Active Directory, which would make assigning/changing/removing FOLIO permissions for users who have been hired, changed jobs, or resigned a great deal easier than it currently is. With Grouper or AD, we could use information regarding the user through the central IdP to programmatically assign appropriate FOLIO permissions

Patty intends to assign the AD  and Grouper JIRA tickets to Tod.

10 min.Updates on previous itemsPatty W.

Department and Preferred Name will be part of the user record in Honeysuckle.

External System IDs are scheduled to be part of the user record in Iris.

UXPROD-2732 - Improvements to User Loader.  We need to rank this ticket for our respective institutions.  We may need to make separate user stories.

Action items

  • Patty and Maura will meet with RA-SIG to discuss User searching specs.
  • Members of UM-SIG should rank UXPROD-2732 for their institutions.

Future Agenda items

  • October 14:
    • UXPROD-2388 - Delete inactive user through UI
    • UXPROD-2728 - Delete inactive user through API with dependency check
  • October 21:
    • We will discuss user loading.  How do we do it?  What are the benefits or drawbacks of each method?  How long does it take to load users?
    • UXPROD-2731 - Improvements to user loader.
      • We will have to rank this one.