2016-12-21 Meeting notes




  • Our goal for this meeting was startup: introducing the group, establishing our methods for meeting and communication, and figure out a starting place for discussions.

Discussion items

10 minIntroductionsAll

The folks from Texas A&M could not join us because of a networking outage on their campus. Paula Sullenger was able to connect towards the end of the meeting.

20 minLogisticsChris Manly

Regular meeting will be weekly on Wednesdays at 10:00 AM Eastern Time

We will rotate through the group for a designated notetaker

Chris will work with Mike Winkler to set up a mailing list for coordination & developing agendas between meetings.

Peter Murray renamed the #auth Slack channel to #user-management.

30 minExploration of discussion topicsFilip walked through his overall process of UX development, discussions with SMEs, and prototyping. We looked over the spreadsheet of user metadata that was developed by Cate Boerema as a result of UX discussions around the prototype (https://share.proto.io/D7XIAW/).

Action items

  • Chris Manly will set up mailing list for the SIG
  • Chris Manly will schedule a block of recurring Webex meetings starting in January