UM and RA SIG Joint Discussion Topic Backlog

Discussion Topics

TopicStatusNext Steps
Adding “affiliations” to user metadata – This is something OLE does that people find valuable. Let’s discuss what it is and whether/how it could be incorporated in FOLIODiscussedReview mockups for custom fields and proposed tagging alternative
Statistical groups – Let’s discuss how this data is entered, how it is structured etc. Is there a need to CRUD a controlled vocabulary for these or can it be free-form at the record level (more like “tags”)?DiscussedReview mockups for custom fields and proposed tagging alternative

Password functionality

  1. Assumption: only FOLIO operators need passwords

  2. How are passwords provisioned?

  3. How can passwords be reset?

  4. What if a user forgets their password?

  5. If FOLIO is using SSO, can we turn off all FOLIO password functionality or is it still needed for special cases?

  6. Etc.


Review revised mockups

Determine whether/what FOLIO native password management is v1 - Hkaplanian is working with an EBSCO SME to plot options

Expiration dates for addresses, emails and phone numbers – This was proposed by some in the RA SIG. Let’s discuss use cases and whether/how such a feature could be incorporated into FOLIO

Additional identifier fields needed? This was proposed by Andrea Loigman, as it is required by Duke.

User field for "Fulfillment options" - Would like to be able to set at the user record which fulfillment options are permitted for a user (i.e. Delivery and/or Hold shelf) and, of the permitted options, which is preferred. The permitted options will likely depend upon other user attributes (e.g. patron group) but the logic for inferring fulfillment options from other attributes will be implemented in the feed. The preferred option will be set by the patron (via discovery via api) and will drive the default selection in Requests.

Key requirement: while the feed will have logic to pre-populate the options, we want the ability to override in FOLIO for special cases. We don't currently have a mechanism for doing this in FOLIO. Some suggestions have been the ability to lock fields, the ability to maintain an "exceptions file" in which you can maintain special override data in a single place. Need to discuss more

DiscussedFollow-up after we've discussed next item
Feeds, local changes, exceptions, field locking etc - We need to update the RA SIG on how the feed is currently working. Let's discuss use cases not covered and how we might address them.
Provide RA SMEs with an overview of how the feed currently works.