2023-09-06 Meeting notes




  • Freeform discussion of our experiences at WolfCon.

Discussion items

45 minDiscussion
  • Wolfcon reflections
    • Conference was well organized and things went smoothly
    • Support SIG sessions were useful
      • Overview on Jira - how to search for issues
      • Session on creating bug tickets in Jira
    • Future session ideas (for future WolfCons)
      • Something aimed at access services
      • How folks manage permission sets
      • Demos of more day-to-day workflows 
      • Some less technical sessions
      • Keeping remote attendance in mind when planning topics
    • Amelia’s Permission and Service Point Assignment scripts available here:
    • Could we have occasional SIG-sponsored webinars to demonstrate common workflows
      • Like Amelia's demo in the Users API session at WolfCon.
      • Day-in-the-life type sessions
      • These sessions could act as simple introductory documentation
      • Could be set for existing UM SIG meeting times
      • Functionality demos and workshops (with Lists for example)
        • Two sessions, first a demo of the functionality, then a followup meeting a month or two later for folks to show how they are using the functionality.
    • Mod-User-Import Session
      • Very few people use mod-user-import right now because of feature gaps or bugs in the functionality.
      • Entire load stops with one error
      • Error logs include superfluous information (non-errors and other irrelevant data)
    • Fenway Library Organization has 4 libraries who will be implementing for Quisenalia!

Action items